Alumni Stories: Ode to learning and unlearning


September 7, 2019

“ If you learn from defeat you haven’t really lost.”

Zig Ziglar

This is the personal motto of our alum, Rahul Verma, as well. Rahul belongs to one of the earliest batches of IIMU. He is currently working as Senior Category Manager at Paytm. At Paytm, he leads the Home Furnishing and Decor category at Paytm Mall. This role entails three major responsibilities.

  1. Growing the category’s business online and offline.
  2. Bridging the gap between the sellers and the customers.
  3. Management of the profit and loss for the organization.

His success mantra sounds short and crisp. “Keep learning and unlearning. Adapt to change and you will see the growth at both professional and personal levels.” According to Rahul’s philosophy “Change is the only constant thing in the world.” Hence, the faster you change yourself, the quicker you learn. He believes that one should not settle for something in life too soon. Launching an International Collection/store-front for a domestic eCommerce player single-handedly was his greatest achievement to this date.

Rahul encapsulates his experience at IIMU as an adventurous journey. Entering into IIM was his major plan and not just a dream. He defines his experience memorable because it gave him friendships for his lifetime. At the educational level, he believes he received exposure to the teaching pedagogy he was not accustomed to since the beginning of his education days. IIMU was like an overall package he was looking for in an institution. It helped him in building networks, learn, and unlearn. Work-life balance is also something he learned at IIMU which brings us to his future goals which are to stay fit and happy.

Rahul has a few suggestions for the new IIMU students. He says, “Firstly, use this time to create memories, learn new things and make stronger connections and networks with peers and teachers. Secondly, keep experimenting now and then and commit mistakes. Last but not least, unlearn everything after you graduate because honestly, organizations do not run on theory. In the end, leave campus with a feeling of giving back to society and work hard to raise the name of IIMU.”