Essential Tips and Tricks for Ph.D Students


August 17, 2019

Ph.D. : Doctor of Philosophy

Ph.D. is an abbreviation that stands for Doctor of Philosophy. Ph.D. studies are the highest level of education. The journey can be exhausting at times, but the final result (your dissertation) is a significant achievement and rewarding event in your life. It’s not a linear process at all and is different for every student or professional.

Productive Contribution Towards the Chosen Field

Passion for a particular subject and societal concern is an essential criterion if you wish to pursue a Ph.D. If you want to contribute and are interested in research, then Ph.D. is the best choice for you. One of the great things about Ph.D. is that you will be able to conduct your research. If your findings are robust, then experts in your chosen area of academia will reference your research in their work.

Long-term Career Goals

Ph.D. is an essential qualification for those looking to pursue a career in academia, teaching, and lectureship. Those wishing to pursue a career within these fields should try and gain teaching practice throughout their Ph.D. by giving lectures and seminars to the first-year undergraduates. Many Ph.D. graduates who are lucky enough to be sponsored to do their course go on to find employment with the companies that funded them. Similarly, the analytical and research skills learned on a Ph.D. course are highly transferable to other industries.

Improving and Challenging Knowledge

The Ph.D. program focuses on research orientation. It does not have a structured course curriculum. In other words, there is academic freedom present in the Ph.D. program, and there is a certain amount of independence to explore and dig deeper into your subject. There are no strict hardcore rules followed while pursuing it. Ph.D. is for you if you are highly curious about the topic of your interest.

Enjoyment of Subject Matter

Before you decide the exact path, you should consider and be honest with yourself. Ph.D. is an intense course, and your research and thesis will be your life for at least three years. If you’re not sure whether you will be able to maintain a high level of passion for your chosen subject, then you should either change your specialist topic or reconsider whether a Ph.D. is the right qualification for you.

Demonstration of Intellectual Potential

One thing a Ph.D. course will do is separate the good academics from the fantastic ones. It not only demonstrates an individual’s ability to conduct independent research but also showcases their in-depth knowledge in a specific subject area. Within the world of academia, this is essential.

Ph.D. Tips and Tricks

Below mentioned are some tips and tricks on Ph.D. which may help you sustain your course efficiently.

Keep Patience

Ph.D. is a long and tedious program. Being patient is one of the tricks to survive this course. Try to look at the big picture every time you feel low or demotivated. You may face difficulties during the tenure of Ph.D. but keep studying and work-hard. As these Ph.D. tips and tricks will always remind you about the results it will reap you in the long run.

Be a Keen Observer

Whether you are studying a book, a research paper, or any journal or meeting your colleagues, try to listen and observe as much as possible. Spend time outside the class and converse with numerous people in your domain. Another Ph.D. tips and tricks which will help you to know and discuss the latest stuff happening in your area.

Be Self-motivated

Self-motivation is of great importance in this course. It helps you to not give up and keep going. Nourish the small achievements on your path. Take breaks once in a while for rejuvenation activities.


Be open to new ideas and try to be flexible. You will continuously commit mistakes and face rejections for your ideas. But learn from it and move forward.

Advice for new Ph.D. Students Don’t Work Too Hard

The sole purpose of your Ph.D. is finding a way to answer your research question in a novel way and showing you are an independent researcher. Don’t overwhelm yourself with work.

Know When You Need to Make Extra Efforts

Most important advice for new Ph.D. students is to be aware when you need to put in some extra effort to push things through.

Take Enough Breaks During the Day

Look after yourself, be engaged and committed but do remember to live your life, as you will be more productive. This advice for new Ph.D. students will keep them motivated and will always help to look at the new side of the road.

Make Friends in Your Department

Forge a good relationship with your supervisors early on.

Go to Conferences

Make sure you are present at conferences. Events are an excellent opportunity to network and get feedback on your research. This advice for new Ph.D. students helps them build their network.

Teach and Supervise Students

Get some teaching experience if you can. It adds so much to an academic CV having a background in the classroom. Interaction and imparting knowledge helps one learn new things and keep updated over new findings.

Get the Right Fuel

Health deterioration is possible. Remember to eat healthily and exercise.

Lead Your Research

Be critical of yourself. Ph.D. provides the ability to critically appraise your work, both for the strengths and weaknesses. You need to be able to convert a course work into research paper or idea in a practical way. This advice for new Ph.D. students may help them to acclaim their capabilities and abilities during the tenure.

Be Ready for Rejections

The research field is vast and at saturation level. So, it is hard to publish. You need to be more creative and be ready for rejections. You need to validate before evaluating your research work. This advice for new Ph.D. students may increase their acceptance and rejection levels.

Time Management

Find a routine that works for you. Make time for family and friends too as they may help you during your research work. These days research is more team-oriented rather than an individual effort.

Open to New Ideas

You should always be open to new ideas catering an interest in your topic/domain. You should read as widely on your topic as possible to have a broad peripheral knowledge.

Appreciate How Far You’ve Come

You should appreciate your efforts of reaching a level of a life-changing experience and should embrace and enjoy it.Keeping in mind the advice for new Ph.D. students, as these may allow you to focus more on productivity and may help you get a better deserved tomorrow.

Study Plan for Ph.D. Student

The study plan for Ph.D. student describes the content of the Ph.D. program and contains information about admission and eligibility. The individual study plan created at the start of the program includes specifications such as the choice of courses and the research plan. The study plan for Ph.D. student in the Ph.D. program would vary from student to student. One of the critical things in planning your Ph.D. is to know the purpose of pursuing it. Below mentioned some points on Study Plan for Ph.D. student may help you out.

Time Management

Your devotion and time management are highly relevant in this course. Be true to yourself and manage time accordingly. Initially, you may face stress and anxiety as the area of study is vast and never-ending. But you need to prepare yourself mentally for it and keep your will-power strong. Divide your subjects and sub-topics and try to utilize your free time as much as possible.

Essential Reading Skills

Maintain your reading speed. It is highly crucial in your coursework. Read journals, latest publications, and newspapers daily. Research papers are not always easy to understand. Try to learn new words in your domain and note them down to avoid wastage of time every time you come across similar yet tough words.

Thesis Topic

Be extremely clear about your topic and try to walk an extra mile for this purpose. You will breathe and live your thesis, so choose your subject accordingly. Develop passion towards it and be creative in your approach towards it. You never know that your view or your thesis may altogether open a new career path for you. Try to incite excitement and be curious about your topic.