How IIMU is preparing its students for a career in data analytics

Blog Team

July 10, 2019

Data management has become an essential part of our professional and personal lives. There are numerous techniques for the analysis of data. Every type of raw data needs some kind of refinement for utmost utilization. IIMU prepares students for the tech-driven world in numerous ways. It not only includes the elective courses in the modules of Two Year MBA and One Year MBA – SCM programs but also has a dedicated team of individuals for improvisation and learning of Data Analytics on campus. The Business world has become highly dynamic and volatile. It is difficult to keep up with the pace of changing technology and increasing competitors. Business Analytics is important for managers for the analyization of the business trends and evaluating the performance of the company or the marketing product through deep insights.

With the knowledge of Core Analytics students become well versed with programming languages of computer which helps in performing basic processes. Core electives include subjects like ‘Using R for Analytics’ and ‘Big Data Using Hadoop and Python’. In addition, ‘Advanced methods of Data Analytics and Python with Big data’ is also taught to students. The case study approach is followed with practical applications for a complete understanding of the methodology and finding data solutions relevant in business.

The focussed approach towards both Core and Business Analytics is followed in this way.

Data Analytics Team of IIMU

There are approximately ten members currently in the team of Data Analytics. These students are devoted to bringing awareness and learning about data-driven business solutions. IIMU proudly celebrates three major events every year organized by Data Analytics team where students are introduced to new trends in the world of technology and analytics.

Analytical Summit every year calls best industrialists on campus to advice students on the recent changes in the tech industry. This seminar consists of interaction, talks, and learning. Similarly, Solaris is another event organized on campus full of relevant activities. Last year activities revolved around Sentimental analysis and Info- Duh Graphics. Opinion Mining is another name for Sentimental Analysis. It is considered a useful tool within natural language processing. It allows users to identify, quantify, and study subjective information. Given that an exorbitant amount of data is created on a daily basis, this method provides users with the opportunity to take the attributes out of the data. For instance, negative or positive opinion on a particular topic or information about which topic is being talked about.

Individual cases were mailed to each team based on which they have to present the infographics within a stipulated time. Five to seven teams were shortlisted on the decided criterion. The infographics of the shortlisted teams were posted on Technalytics’ Facebook page.

War of clans is an internal quiz competition organized by the tech-analytical team between different sections. It revolves around technology, analytics, and marketing. Workshop on “R” programming language is also organized time to time on campus where practical data-set is discussed in the two-day workshop.

With these initiatives and the appropriate courses, IIMU will continue to strive towards data-driven trends and prepare its students in the best way possible according to the demands and needs of the market.