“I wish…”

Jebanezer Rajeev

April 4, 2019

“I Wish…”, A movie created by the students of IIM Udaipur is now streaming on Youtube!

About 50 students of IIM Udaipur came together to create “I Wish…” a movie on child trafficking and child adoption. The plot chronicles the journey of Shreya, a young girl who is a victim of child trafficking, thus leaving her bereft of happiness at a very young age. It traces her journey over the years in the search of that unfulfilled happiness. The movie stands for hope and to remove of foreboding.

“I Wish” depicts that though one may be surrounded by a world of despair, it is in your hands to bring happiness home, by its adoption. This is because, through adoption, a new breath of life is given to the adopted child and not just ourselves.

The movie “I Wish” is shot in Thailand, Udaipur and at the campus of IIM Udaipur Balicha. The actors, technical and non-technical staff all are associated with IIM Udaipur. It was the Late senior Saradindu’s dream to touch the subject of child adoption . The team of Jebanezer Rajeev including Nishant Jain, Sayali Chikhale and Kawaljeet Kaur; along with the support of all participants of the movie made Saradindu’s dream possible.

The song originally composed by Shlok Agrawal, for this movie.