IIM Udaipur – A democracy


April 29, 2016

It is an important day at IIMU. The mini auditorium of a classroom CR-2 is full to the brim. No one needed an invitation to come to this meeting. One of the most important elections of the year – the Placement Committee Elections is in progress. The mood is solemn; the stage is set and the nominees after having moved through grueling elimination rounds stand facing the batch for the deciding round. Some look a little dazed at the proceedings, some determined and some made eyes at their friends sitting in the back row.


While these guys are giving their speeches, let us give the backdrop a little.

IIM Udaipur, is a democracy, upholding principles of transparency and fairness. One of the pillars that help uphold this principle is a student driven culture. The Placement Committee is elected through six or seven highly challenging elimination rounds followed by an open election, where the entire batch votes their preferences, much like any other democracy. The prospective members pledge their support to the batch and put up their respective pitches. The batch gives its verdict through secret online voting and there you have it – a committee formed of some of the most hardworking and dedicated students in the batch.

The first member has just finished his speech; and wild clapping ensues. Already the back benches are buzzing with debates about whether this seemed convincing enough and what could be better. No one is swayed by friendships or preferences here.

The Placement Committee

Every election in IIMU comes with its own flavor. Placement Committee Elections are perhaps the most professional affair in the year whereas the next important election, that of the Media and Industry Interaction Cell, is about street smart confidence and a touch of flamboyance. The yardstick is different here. The selection rounds are extremely random and sudden, reflecting the kind of work the MiiC members are expected to do. This election sees some of the most tricky speeches and question answer sessions, because that’s what an average day looks like to the members.

One month down the line, an election filled with some memorable, daring and utterly out of the box speeches will choose the next gen MiiC.


The Media, they say, goes everywhere . MiiC in Balicha

The Academic Council is also elected similarly. The students part of Acad council here are brilliant folks themselves who have helped their batch mates umpteenth times to get through preparations before exams. These are the guys you rush to the night before exams with problems that look like they were made in devil’s kitchen.

Also, they take care of the entire subject allotment process in second year, facilitating interaction with faculty pre-subject selection, any problems the batch may be facing in a subject , arranging for guest lectures and extra classes (Yes, students ask for them here) and also multiple workshops.

Choosing the academic council is simple. You go out and vote for those awesome guys who have helped the batch the most academically!


Academic Council : Titles don’t reveal everything, they party hard too !

Finally, the Council for Student Affairs election – CSA, the big brother, that keeps an eye on all. Be it expenditures incurred by clubs and committees, budgets, management fest to cultural fest, CSA is involved and presides over most of these. Requirements placed by clubs and committees are approved by these guys. Also vehicle safety policies, institute norms are upheld by them. These elections are end of year elections and of paramount importance because you want to ensure these are the people who can best shoulder the responsibility of carrying forward the culture set by previous batches while adding fresh colors to the palette.


CSA – The Big Brother

The last nominee for Placement Committee has finished speaking. It’s time to count the votes and welcome the Junior Placement Committee or JPC, as we lovingly call them. Each nominee gets to select a trusted person who will oversee the counting on their behalf. Everything is transparent here.

While other clubs and committees do not have elections, there are always internal reviews going on and efforts to improve our persistent. Each club has its own unique selection process and club recruitment is one of the most interesting times in the year. In each club, there are internal elections or nominations for President or Core Memberships. These positions entail steering the club towards the vision it has set for itself and aligning according to the core values of the institute.

The details about individual Clubs and Committees may be found on our website. Here are some snapshots of the faces that form these close knit circles.

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Oh, That’s Team MiiC – All 10 of us are rarely together in one frame !
IIMU is about shared responsibilities and taking up the onus. Like in a relay race, each batch passes on the baton to the subsequent batch hoping they would get more and more edge in this never ending race. The culture of elections upholds this very trait in the institute. Every person stepping here, belonging here has a say for the betterment of the institution. What sets us apart isn’t what we do, but it’s how we get it done.

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