IIM Udaipur is truly a transformational experience- PGPX alumni stories

Blog Team

April 17, 2019

It has been only five years since graduation from IIM Udaipur but Suvarthi is already making his mark in the Industry. He worked as a Strategy Consultant at Accenture and Corporate strategy Manager at Landmark group which gave him an edge over other companions. Recently he has
been elevated internally at Landmark Group as South East Asia Business Head for Babyshop brand, one of the largest brands in Landmark’s portfolio. Landmark Group is headquartered in Dubai and is the largest non-food retailer in the Middle East, Africa and India with operations in more than 23 countries with more than 2,200 retail outlets across the globe

Suvarthi considers IIM Udaipur providing him with a truly transformational experience. In his words, “Coming from a technical role in the telecom sector, IIMU broadened my horizons. I am now able to provide holistic solutions to problem statements, which encompasses all aspects.
The case study pedagogy and the experiential learning program gave a practical simulation of life after b-school and hence, helped us practice and learn all the methodologies by looking at the big picture.”

Survarthi felt that the academic program of IIMU was well structured and rigorous which prepared him for a better future. Various clubs and events at IIMU helped to gain extensive experience and build networking skills. He adds, “IIMU is a very close-knit family which fosters interactions with faculty members, alumni, students and the entire community. Learning is a never-ending journey and it is always a great experience to interact with the current students and get a very different point of view on various industry-specific problem statements.”

In addition, the experience at Purdue University provided him with a unique opportunity to share the classroom with peers from more than 50 different nationalities coming from different walks of life. He shares, “In today’s world, a management professional is expected to work across
geographies and hence, it is crucial that he/she understands the cultural nuances. Purdue gave me an opportunity to adapt and work in diverse study groups which helped me immensely as I embarked on my professional journey.”