IIMU DEM Program Live Project Testimonial: Healthcare AI Project

Akhil Birajdar

February 1, 2021

India’s only full-time One-Year MBA in Digital Enterprise Management offered by IIM Udaipur introduces working professionals to leadership styles and management styles in the emerging digital economy. It is the first MBA in the country where students focus on learning how to manage complex and diverse digital projects. The one-year program provides students with learnings from academicians and industry experts through case studies, simulations and live projects. Let’s find out what Akhil Birajdar, a current DEM batch student, has to say about the healthcare AI project.

1. Please provide an overview of the project. What is the problem that you are trying to solve?

Patients’ medical raw data is currently extracted manually by junior medical practitioners, which is a tedious process and takes a lot of time. The data helps the doctor to determine the type of illness the patient suffers. The project deals with the automated extraction of symptoms from a patient’s medical raw records. The symptoms are collated, and a patient’s disease is predicted. The project will help junior practitioners during their training period, and support hospital staff take appropriate action in the case of doctor unavailability.

2. What has been your most significant learning from the project so far?

We are using technology to automate the manual process followed at hospitals and helping doctors save time in initial medical examinations and devoting more time in solving patient illness.

3. Please share how the live project is helping you.

The project is helping me to apply the concepts learned in class to a real-world problem. As I had no previous experience working on artificial intelligence projects, this project is beneficial for interaction with the client and understanding the expectations, performance measures and expected results.

4. How is it different from your previous professional experience?

In my previous work experience as a software engineer, my tasks included coding a specific module without understanding the business context, i.e .why are we doing this? In this project, I have understood why we are doing this project and its impact on doctors.

5. How is a live project preparing you for the industry?

The industry’s various sectors are implementing or on a stage of implementation of digital technologies to improve their process. This project helps me understand a specific problem in an industry and apply similar solutions across other sectors. Understanding the digital maturity and business context helps me prepare to solve more complex issues I will face in the future.

About the Author


Akhil is an MBA student of the Digital Enterprise Management batch. He has an experience of 4 years in the IT Industry. He aspires to be a Technical consultant. He is a state level badminton player and loves to dance. In his spare time, he likes to watch documentaries on space exploration and is a huge fan of Elon Musk. You can connect with him on LinkedIn