Importance of mock tests in CAT examinations

Blog Team

June 19, 2019

Three months to CAT and a major part of the preparation includes writing a lot of Mock tests. A serious strategy and efforts are needed while attempting mock tests. The point is to get the most out of this stage of your preparation and to get better with each Mock test which will enable you to give your best for the D-Day.

Write a Mock Test:

They say the beginning is the most difficult part of any task. Writing the first mock test is the most difficult yet the most important step. It is important to know exactly where you stand to further facilitate your test prep. So keep the procrastination at bay and start today.

Analyze your performance:

Analysing doesn’t only mean checking your score and then aiming for better scores in the next mock. By analyzing, I mean, see where have you taken maximum time (for correct, wrong and un-attempted questions), which section did you screw up in, which answer you could have gotten correct but didn’t, and why. Also analyze your performance in each section- which topics you’re good at, which ones you’re terrible at. Make a table of your correct, wrong and un-attempted questions for each section and keep a tab on it.

Solve the test again:

Solve each and every question again. Even the ones you got correct- check for alternate and time minimizing analyze for the same. Focus on the ones you didn’t attempt and got wrong. Solve the ones you would have solved if you had more time. Lastly, look at the solutions provided and how are they different from the ones you thought of. And once that is done, identify your weak areas and your strong areas.

Study again:

Now your entire focus should be on weak areas. If anyone of your section is weak, give sectional tests every day to get enough practice. If any topics are weak, try and solve all the types of questions of that particular area/topic. Give a topic wise test for more practice. Get back to basics if need be. This is the step wherein you maximize your strength and minimize your weaknesses. Make the most of it.

Draw out a strategy for the next mock:

Mock tests are close representatives of the actual exam. And these entrance exams are more about strategy than anything else. Some entrance exams allow you to choose the order of the sections. To know what works for you, you’ll have to give multiple mocks and see how you perform with a change in the strategy. Strategize within the sections too- what kind of questions will you attempt first, how much time for each question, which questions will you tackle later if you have time, etc. And then, give the next mock and follow the steps again.

Mock tests will even help you get acquainted with the online pattern and user interface of each exam. Mock tests are mirror’s/reflection of your current level of preparation and not the mirror of your actual test. It is important to know that and not get disheartened if you score less than what is expected. These mocks are for you to get better and not to demotivate you. The results could be overwhelming, but you shouldn’t let a good score or a bad score get to your head. While analyzing your test, also analyze or assess your mood. Believe it or not, even your mood will have some impact on your test. Make an excel sheet that consists of all your mock test scores which will enable you to keep track of your progress. Make a habit of testing yourself, pushing your limits and rising beyond what you are. Isn’t that what you want when you pursue a management degree anyway? This is the step wherein you maximize your strength and minimize your weaknesses. Make the most of it. Good Luck for your Mock tests.