The helping hands of IIMU: Prayatna

Blog Team

May 17, 2019

Disclaimer : Previously published on Thump 6.0, IIMU’s yearly Alumni Magazine

PRAYATNA, the social responsibility club of Indian Institute of Management Udaipur, strives to sensitise the future business leaders of the institute towards social responsibilities. Team Prayatna attempts to bring about momentous changes in the society through interactions at the grassroots level with regards to different sectors including education, healthcare, and environmental care. In 2018, Prayanta organised the following events to date:

Promise Day Celebration

On the occasion of ‘World Promise Day’, team Prayatna collaborated with YourDost, which is an organisation which works for improving the mental well-being of the society. A promise board was set up outside the mess area of the campus, on which the student community voluntarily put up their promises. Students promised themselves to contribute to the mental wellbeing of themselves, family, friends and other members of the community. There was an overwhelming response from the IIMU community with people turning out in huge numbers to pledge their support towards the cause

Udaipur Carnival

As a part of Solaris 2018, team Prayatna was involved in the Udaipur Carnival. The team collaborated with ‘Maitrimanthan’ and ‘Impetus’, two prominent NGOs operating in the Udaipur region working for the welfare of the underprivileged section of the society. The carnival began with a cleanliness drive at Fateh Sagar Pal which saw participation from volunteers from the IIMU community as well as Udaipur. There was participation from 130 kids which were associated with both the NGOs. This event was a joyous moment for all the kids and watching them enjoy, gave us a feeling of great satisfaction as we could be a part of their happiness.

Share Your Joy


“Sharing is Caring”, taking this thought forward, Team Prayatna visited an orphanage ‘Jeevan Jyoti’, Sukher-Udaipur on 27th November 2018 and shared a few moments of happiness with the kids. An event was organised at the orphanage to know more about the life of those children. The event included interaction with the kids and the co-ordinators of that institution. This comprised of playing outdoor as well as indoor games with the children and a movie screening was organised in the orphanage premises. The participation from the kids was enthusiastic, and it was again a moment of extreme happiness watching the kids smile and enjoy.

Blood Donation Camp


A Blood Donation Camp was held by Team Prayatna in collaboration with Saral Blood Bank. A team of 6 doctors and staff members of the Blood Bank came for the collection of blood. The drive was conducted inside a Bloodmobile. The event saw great participation from the members of the community which included students, administrative staff and faculty members.

Be Someone’s Santa


On the auspicious day of Christmas, team Prayatna in collaboration with ‘Maitrimanthan’ NGO, setting up a mini stall inside the campus area. The objective of the booth was to sell different items such as bookmarks, calendars, bracelets etc. which were handcrafted by the underprivileged kids who are getting education free of cost by the NGO. There was no fixed price for the items sold, and buyers from the IIMU community were to pay at will. The money collected through this drive would be used for the improvement of the educational facilities for the kids. This event saw great participation from the community members who turned up in numbers to bring a smile on someone’s face by becoming his/her Santa.