The stories created at IIMU will stay with us for a long time.

Aman Ratnam

April 30, 2019

Disclaimer : Previously published on Thump 6.0, IIMU’s yearly Alumni Magazine

You are lucky, let me say that first! When you first step into the campus, the barren land of opportunities and overwhelmed aspirations, you look at the vast stretch from the steps of the mess and always wonder, “When will this be fully constructed?”

Those steps have seen a plethora of emotions throughout everyone’s two years here at IIM Udaipur. Be it the birthday GPLs of the unfortunate yet very fortunate lads, or the hugs after getting the news of getting placed, or the group meetings of various clubs (Shh, here all the secrets lie!), or just the laziness that makes you want to sit there just for the sake of your friends. The sight of D2 canteen when the mess food sucks to the core is oddly satisfying. All the happenings of inside the hostels find a common meeting platform in the so-called “Area-outside-mess”.

The countless CodeRed parties, karaoke nights, the game nights, the Audacity photoshoots, the bonfire nights, meet at the one place called “the- area- outside- mess”. The stories created at this space will stay with us for a long time, even after we have left the campus to pursue our dreams or jobs (whatever applies!). The memories of this area always become the topic of conversations whenever we engage in conversations regarding our college life. Even though it makes up for just one part of all the amazing things happen in campus throughout two years, it still stands out for the fun part of our stint here at IIM Udaipur.