Key Things To Know About DEM


September 21, 2020

Digital transformation is disrupting industries and organizations across domains. These ongoing changes in today’s business environment are forcing companies to keep digital technologies at their core. The Digital Enterprise solution enables industries of all sizes to implement current and future cutting-edge technologies for automation and digitalization. The infographic on Digital Enterprise Management illustrates the impact of transformational digital processes in businesses. It also talks about the exclusive One-year MBA in Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) offered by IIM Udaipur to become a leader in the emerging digital markets. The program aims to prepare its graduates to design and implement optimized digital solutions as the curriculum of this exclusive program is prepared in collaboration with industry experts.



The world is getting increasingly digitized and necessitates that businesses not just transform digitally but also effectively maximize their business value using technology. The time is now. It is imperative to rethink the fundamentals of leadership and strategy to leverage digital transformation. This rethinking motivated IIM Udaipur to launch the first-ever One-year MBA in Digital Enterprise Management (DEM).

What is a Digital Enterprise?

Digital Enterprise is an organization which utilizes digital to,

  • Improve organizational operations
  • Develop products and services
  • Generate revenue
  • Engage with customers

What is Enterprise Management?

Enterprise Management involves creation, integration, distribution and management of day-to-day operations of business activities.

Drivers of Digital Transformation

According to a global survey by Deloitte/MIT Sloan Management Review Report 2016, the drivers of Digital Transformation include,

  • Evolving technology
  • Mobile usage for real-time communication
  • Big data analytics
  • Cloud technology and social media
  • New products and services; e-commerce
  • Digital mindset

Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) Program

IIM Udaipur’s first-ever one-year MBA in Digital Enterprise Management helps students learn,

  • Utilization of digital technologies to solve business problems
  • Data Analytics and Digital Industry Practices
  • Skills needed for the emerging digital business enterprises
  • Core Business Management Fundamentals
  • Immersion in New Technologies

Key Highlights of the DEM Program

  • Regular interactions with industry professionals
  • Practice through case studies and practical lab projects
  • Knowledge of new and emerging technologies
  • Managerial expertise in digital enterprises
  • Contemporary practices of data-driven decision-making

Benefits of DEM Program

DEM program helps students by providing skills to,

  • Navigate the unpredictability
  • Become future-ready
  • Understand the implication of technology on business

Eligibility Criteria

  • 10+2 years of school education
  • Three years of a graduate degree or a global equivalent of the same
  • Candidates with a valid GMAT/GRE score
  • Work experience of minimum 3+ years