Nine Mistakes MBA Students Must Avoid


March 26, 2020

In the world of corporations, management is all about analyzing, estimating and predicting the happenings. With the introduction of the new mantra of “manage, organize and supervise”, MBA graduates are expected to adopt these practices since their first day of college. Since many students enrol themselves in MBA every year, the competition has become quite severe. The mistakes made by MBA students are regretted by them five years later, in their jobs or alumni reunions. This blog brings you the most common mistakes made by MBA students. Since the admission to management courses is around the corner, we want you to know the mistakes MBA students must avoid.

  • Not Making a Wise Choice – Choosing the right MBA college and stream!

    The most common mistakes made by MBA students is that they opt for incorrect college and stream. The field of management education has revived over the years, making it harder than ever to make a wise choice. The spectrum of specializations available is so vast that choosing the right stream has become another daunting task for students. Finding the right MBA college as per their requirement and opting for the right MBA specialization is equally essential.

  • Not Studying from Start – Get yourself going from day one!

    Other mistakes MBA students must avoid to not focus on their studies from the beginning. They must figure out their interest areas well in time to opt for MBA electives accordingly. Ensure that your focus is clear if you want to reap the benefits of the management course optimally.

  • Not Attending the Practical Sessions and Training – Taking studies and sessions lightly!

    Every MBA program provides its students with business practical sessions and training. So once after opting the desired stream, every MBA student should actively participate in projects and training. Summer training and internships are utmost necessary in a management course. These often lead to excellent job opportunities by making pre-placement offers to the students. Most often, students take these sessions lightly, and that is where they make mistakes.

  • Not Developing Interpersonal Skills and Networking – Missing out on getting along with people!

    The MBA program invites applicants from diverse backgrounds and experiences. MBA’s program design gives you ample opportunities to interact with your peers and develop good relationships. Hence, it is advisable to practice these interpersonal and people-leadership skills and to seek critical feedback actively. The networking you do during your MBA course may benefit you in the long run.

  • Not Present on Important Occasions in Campus – Being at the Right Time at the Right Place!

    Management colleges organize various activities like job fairs, conferences, talks by industry experts for the much-needed industry exposure for its students. However, mistakes made by MBA students are casual behaviour by not being present for such events. These events are a chance to leverage opportunities for the sole benefit of the students. These activities should be paid due attention to stand out from the queue.

  • Not Working on your Communication Skills – Excellent communication and language skills are paramount!

    Communication skills are a significant factor for a potential career as an MBA professional across industries. Even though effective communication is essential in management, students still fail to make the best out of it. However, they must understand the simple fact that communication skills help in explaining concepts and principles. Communication and language skills should be good enough to come across as confident and clear in your thoughts.

  • Lacking the Knowledge of Industries – Get the domain expertise!

    The core MBA classes address the fundamentals of general management. The most common mistakes made by MBA students is the lack of domain knowledge. Domain expertise is the most critical factor in any organization to start a career. Having superior domain knowledge will let you hit the ground running and shine from the outset of your career.

  • Not Beginning With The End in Mind – Prioritize and be decisive!

    Usually, students fail to have a clear vision. MBA programs provide students with an opportunity to transition or change direction. The innumerable career options available to students help them prioritize the career they will choose. MBA students should do some research before selecting a program and knowing what industry and what functional area they want to take up in future.

  • Be Organized and Stay Ahead – Second best time is today!

    Another one of the most common mistakes made by MBA students is getting behind. zIt is advisable to stay ahead and be organized. Identify areas where you need to improvise before arriving on campus. Once you have enrolled yourself in an MBA program, have a balance between career, academics, and as much life as outside MBA.

    Apart from these, an MBA student must also ensure that they are seeking admission in a UGC and AICTE recognized MBA college. Investing your energy in gaining work experience before enrolling in an MBA can also turn out to be beneficial for you. MBA students must avoid these mistakes to reap the maximum benefit from their course.

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