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IIM Two year MBA Program


IIM Two year MBA Program

Students are attending pgp program - two year mba in IIMU.

The two year full-time Post Graduate Program (PGP) is the flagship program of IIMU. It is designed to be a transformational experience for students, developing them into socially responsible and highly skilled managers well launched on the path to leading their organization towards excellence. The Program lasts two years over six terms with a compulsory Internship at the end of the 1st year. Students earn an MBA degree.

Essential Elements

Five essential elements drive the program:

Global Best Practices

PGP provides a solid foundation in management theory and practice equal in quality to the best management programs in India and around the world. Students receive a thorough grounding in the key management disciplines, subjects and issues with an emphasis on applying their knowledge ethically and responsibly.

Multi-dimensional Immersion Experience

The idea of immersion is to get students to dive into real-life environments and explore learning for themselves.

  • We believe it is essential for future managers to understand rural India. PGP's compulsory Rural Immersion starts with a course on the Indian Social and Political Environment and continues with the students spending a week in a village where they work closely with NGOs to appreciate on-the-ground realities and challenges faced by those at the bottom of the pyramid.
  • After completing their first year of studies, students undertake a mandatory internship- either an experiential learning opportunity at a company location or an opportunity to develop their own entrepreneurial project. Corporate internships can take place either in India or internationally in locations that have included Dubai, Qatar, London and Malaysia. It is a chance to apply the academic theories and concepts they have learned to real issues faced by organizations.
  • The International Business in Practice course is a unique second year elective that gives more than one third of the students the chance to work for two weeks on a live business problem in a company in another South Asian country or the Middle East.
  • As part of Coursework Immersion, we have structured processes in the curriculum that concentrate on sharpening students' teamwork and leadership skills

Technology has placed torrents of data in the hands of managers making Analytics indispensable in decision-making. IIMU has made significant investments in building the analytical capabilities of students by developing infrastructure (our state-of-the-art Bloomberg and Analytics Lab) and introducing innovatively re-designed courses.


The fourth area of focus at IIM Udaipur is Entrepreneurship. IIMU aims to facilitate and encourage entrepreneurship in variety of ways. Intensive mentoring and support, theoretical and practical coursework and flexible career development options ensure that students have the freedom to explore their entrepreneurial ambitions.

A Global Perspective

IIMU strongly believes that leaders are best developed in a multi-cultural environment. Almost 60% of the students take advantage of one of the numerous options to study or work abroad for periods ranging from two weeks to three months during the course of their two year program. The international exposure increases their understanding of the impact of cultural values and local laws, and widens their personal and intellectual horizons. Opportunities include:

  • International Corporate Internship
  • International Business in Practice (IBP)
  • Student Exchange Program

Learning Goals

Trained managers need to acquire a range of crucial skills to succeed professionally. These include communication skills, analytical skills, understanding how to manage multicultural teams and a host of other skills. This must be coupled with a thorough knowledge of scientific management practices which will guide daily decision-making and there must be awareness of the various management domains and their application.

With these considerations in mind, the following learning goals were defined for the PGP:

Integrating across business disciplines

The ability to apply a framework drawing from different management domains.

Communication Skills

Proficiency in oral communication as well as development of analytical, synthetic and writing skills.

Team Dynamics

The ability to work productively as part of a team.

Critical thinking

The ability to analyze key issues and evaluate alternative solutions.

Ethical responsibility

IIMU's mission statement underlines the importance of creating responsible leaders. Students must be encouraged to live by a rigorous and deeply personal code of ethics.

It is understood that while the curriculum will play an essential part in achieving these goals, experiences and learning outside the classroom would be equally important.