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Anirban Adhikary

Since its inception, IIM Udaipur has aimed to emerge as a global frontrunner in management research. Over the past decade, significant strides have been made toward realizing this vision. A notable testament to our progress is the recognition garnered by the Naveen Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas, securing the fourth position among Indian business schools for research contributions published in esteemed international journals. This achievement underscores the meticulously designed and executed research ecosystem at IIMU, a cornerstone of our rapid advancement within a relatively brief timeframe.

The Research Ecosystem

IIMU stands out among Indian institutions, not only as an ideal launchpad for young faculty embarking on their careers but also as an enticing destination for seasoned academics seeking to further their pursuit of high-calibre research. Our ecosystem fosters a harmonious blend of teaching and research, fortified by a dedicated R&D office aimed at enhancing productivity and visibility. Incentives and developmental funds empower faculty members, facilitating their participation in international conferences to showcase their research on the global stage. For those passionate about conducting top-tier research, IIMU stands as the epitome of excellence, echoing the sentiment articulated by Michael Jordan, who once remarked, "All you needed was one little match to start that whole fire." At IIMU, our research ecosystem is primed to ignite that spark within you.

The Research Ecosystem

At IIM Udaipur, we believe in management research that transcends mere theoretical implications, prioritizing real-world impact. Our faculty members meticulously select research topics to address pressing societal concerns such as sustainability and accessible healthcare. Our research endeavours are anchored in fostering inclusive development across all strata of society. To this end, we have established numerous centres and labs, ensuring that our research remains pertinent to management practitioners, the general populace, and policymakers alike.

Journey Ahead

While we have made considerable strides in realizing our initial objectives, a challenging journey lies ahead. Our sights are set firmly on achieving the ambitious targets outlined in Vision 2030, recognizing that the path forward will be arduous. We extend a warm invitation to all who wish to join us on this transformative journey.

Prof. Anirban Adhikary
Faculty, Operations Management, Quantitative Methods and Information Systems
Dean, Faculty & Research

Prof Rajesh Nanarpuzha's

Welcome to IIM Udaipur. IIM Udaipur is a leading management institute of the country and has taken its place as a leader within a decade of its inception. Our focus on research, the quality of our faculty, the work ethic of our students, the diligence of our administrative colleagues, and the valuable support from our alumni and the industry have made this possible. We provide a transformational learning experience at IIM Udaipur.

Our MBA programs and the PhD program are emblematic of our focus on providing a transformational experience. Through the content of our core curriculum, electives, and experiential learning possibilities, and the delivery of that content by outstanding faculty, we aim to develop MBA graduates with the ability to seamlessly transition into industry leadership positions. Through our PhD program, we aim to produce the next wave of leading faculty with outstanding research and teaching credentials.

We are well aware that the landscape of higher education is transforming. Guided by our Vision 2030, we constantly look to embrace change and innovate. As a student, you will take responsibility for all student activities, making IIM Udaipur a true student-run campus - something we are proud of being a part of.

In setting the bar high, we benchmark ourselves against the top management institutes in the country and across the world. Our global rankings and AASCB accreditation are a testament to this. All this is possible because we have a collegial learning environment at IIMU, where cross-pollination of ideas is encouraged. Alongside, we highly value diversity and constantly strive for greater inclusiveness.

Our placement record and performance reflect the corporate world’s confidence in IIMU’s trajectory and their trust in our exceptional students. We are well aware that this has been built on a foundation of academic excellence. This is a cornerstone of the IIMU experience and something that we guard zealously and continue to build upon.

Our alumni are IIMU’s primary ambassadors, and we continue to have a special relationship with them. Our alumni continue to be closely associated with the institute through mentorship programs for our current students, by developing better relationships with the industry, and by interacting with prospective students. We value our alumni highly and constantly strive to build stronger bonds with them.

As we embark on the next stage of our growth, we are proud of what IIMU has achieved in the short period of its existence. We remain humble and look to the future with excitement. I invite you all to consider IIMU, explore our offerings, and look at possibilities to join us on an exciting journey.

Prof. Rajesh Nanarpuzha
Associate Professor in Marketing
Dean, Programs