Centre for Healthcare

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Centre for Healthcare

IIMU Centre for Healthcare

The Centre for Healthcare (CFH) originated to fill the paucity of rigorous healthcare research in India on Indian context from a management perspective. Our objective is to bring together academicians from management, public health, health economics, practitioners, and research active medical professionals to understand and solve fundamental issues in healthcare in low and middle-income countries (LMIC).

The CFH focuses on projects related to health, wellbeing, nutrition, and healthcare enablers such as technology and data. Further, it aims to generate thought leadership in management aspects around healthcare. Members work on fundamental research around healthcare such as individuals’ and communities’ understanding of the notion of health and risk, drivers of healthcare demand, and follow-up care-seeking. Members also work with various healthcare practitioners in generating knowledge around provision of equitable and affordable primary healthcare.

Beyond research, CFH at IIMU works towards improvement in the healthcare sector with focus on promotive and preventive care to promote wellness, develop synergies with organizations involved in healthcare management either in the public sector by working in partnership with the state governments and private primary healthcare service providing organizations. Our main focus is on providing the knowledge transfer to such private organizations and working on the research part of the intervention.