Centre for Supply Chain Management


Centre for Supply Chain Management

Successful management of the Supply Chain is significantly crucial across all businesses in the post-COVID-19 world. The functioning of the supply chain could spell the difference between success and failure of an organization. It is in this extremely challenging environment that IIMU aspires to develop business leaders through the one year MBA program in Global Supply Chain Management. The larger objective is for IIMU to contribute significantly in making the country more competent and competitive in Supply Chain Management.

The role of IIMU's Centre for Supply Chain Management (CSCM) is to facilitate, nurture and sustain a conducive environment for thought leadership in all aspects of SCM. CSCM will enable the Institute to focus its expertise relating to SCM across programs offered by the Instiute, to create new initiatives and partnerships and to expand research opportunities.

Programs and Teaching
  • To enhance the value of the one-year masters in GSCM, which is currently in its ninth year.
  • To broad-base and diversify the profile of students joining the course in terms of gender, educational background and work experience, which is essential for an improved learning experience.
  • To provide a solid grounding in the essential business disciplines such as finance and accounting, economics, marketing, organizational behaviour and strategy coupled with intensive specialization in GSCM.
  • To enable students to identify their aspirations through various learning and development initiatives.
  • To act as a connect between academia and industry with regard to curriculum development.
  • To provide a space for course design, content and pedagogy relating to GSCM across the various programs of IIMU.
  • To work with the various departments of the Institute to develop and expand the range of electives relating to SCM.
  • To use the most innovative learning concepts and methodologies that will lead to practice-oriented courses.
Collaboration with Industry Partners
  • To work with the members of the Advisory Board consisting of eminent persons in the supply chain space on aspects such as curriculum design and course delivery as well as in research.
  • To leverage our relationships with industry to impact teaching and encourage knowledge diffusion.
  • To partner with industry to undertake projects on Supply Chain Management.
  • To involve accomplished industry practitioners as guest lecturers or in other capacities.
  • To create opportunities for industry to engage with students.
  • To generate ideas for research in partnership with industry.
  • To facilitate research projects particularly on matters of policy that IIMU can influence in areas of interest to Indian Industry.
  • To actively promote core and applied research projects by IIMU faculty relating to SCM.
  • To provide support to visiting academics and practitioners undertaking related research.
Teaching Materials

To facilitate the development of India specific course material such as case studies that would be the benchmark and reference for academics in the country.