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Placement Reports


Placement Reports

Definitely better quality of students than most other B-schools.

Kornica Ganguly, Manager

IPRS Standards:

IIM Udaipur's summer and final placement reports are prepared according to the Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS) and are audited by an external auditing agency. The IPRS is a framework that aims at standardization of placement reports to make them more transparent and easier to understand, more comparable and reliable for making decisions. IIM Udaipur is one of five IIMs and a total of 31 Indian B-schools to follow this standard.

In the table below, you can find the audited IIM placement report of IIMU two year and one year MBA programs providing information about IIM placements both summer and final, IIM placement package offered to IIMU graduates, job functions and company domains.
(Audited by Sorab S. Engineer & Co.)
Year of GraduationMBA Summer Placement ReportMBA Final Placement ReportGSCM Summer Placement ReportGSCM Final Placement Report
2013Batch 2011-2013Batch 2011-2013N.A.N.A.
2014Batch 2012-2014Batch 2012-2014Batch 2013-2014Batch 2013-2014
2015Batch 2013-2015Batch 2013-2015Batch 2014-2015Batch 2014-2015
2016Batch 2014-2016Batch 2014-2016Batch 2015-2016Batch 2015-2016
2017Batch 2015-2017Batch 2015-2017Batch 2016-2017Batch 2016-2017
2018Batch 2016-2018Batch 2016-2018Batch 2017-2018Batch 2017-2018
2019Batch 2017-2019Batch 2017-2019Batch 2018-2019Batch 2018-2019
2020Batch 2018-2020N.A.N.A.N.A.

IIMU's Corporate Relations Team of dedicated professionals oversees the recruitment process. Under their supervision, Student Placements Committees the one and two year MBA programs facilitate all interactions with the companies. A Relationship Manager is assigned to be a specific point of contact for each company.

Pre-placement Presentations
Companies have the option of using a pre-placement presentation to give students information about their business, vision, work culture and the roles and opportunities available, followed by a Q&A session.

The dates for the selection process each year are posted in the "Calendar" section of this website. Companies are invited to campus based on their convenience and the slot is decided after discussion with the Student Placements Committee. These companies also offer a good package after MBA from IIM to its students.

Final Placement Process
Interested students apply to the company and submit their resumes through the Student Placements Committee. The selection process generally consists of resume-based shortlisting and one or more rounds of personal interviews. The IIM packages include the details of the role, location, compensation and other relevant terms and conditions, must be conveyed to the candidate through the Student Placements Committee. The placement process is governed by the Institute's placement rules.

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact the Corporate Relations Office:

Arun Singhal

Kavita Chotrani

Shreshtha Somaiya