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Placement Reports


Placement Reports

Definitely better quality of students than most other B-schools.

Kornica Ganguly, Manager

IPRS Standards:

IIM Udaipur's summer and final placement reports are prepared according to the Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS) and are audited by an external auditing agency. The IPRS is a framework that aims at standardization of placement reports to make them more transparent and easy to understand, more comparable and reliable for making decisions. IIM Udaipur is one of five IIMs and a total of 31 Indian B-schools to follow this standard.

In the table below, you can find the audited placement reports of IIMU for MBA program as well as IIM executive MBA placements providing information about summer placements, final placements, IIM placement packages offered to IIMU graduates, job functions and company domains.
(Audited by Sorab S. Engineer & Co.)
Year of GraduationMBA Summer Placement ReportMBA Final Placement ReportGSCM Summer Placement ReportGSCM Final Placement Report
2013Batch 2011-2013Batch 2011-2013N.A.N.A.
2014Batch 2012-2014Batch 2012-2014Batch 2013-2014Batch 2013-2014
2015Batch 2013-2015Batch 2013-2015Batch 2014-2015Batch 2014-2015
2016Batch 2014-2016Batch 2014-2016Batch 2015-2016Batch 2015-2016
2017Batch 2015-2017Batch 2015-2017Batch 2016-2017Batch 2016-2017
2018Batch 2016-2018Batch 2016-2018Batch 2017-2018Batch 2017-2018
2019Batch 2017-2019Batch 2017-2019Batch 2018-2019Batch 2018-2019
2020Batch 2018-2020N.A.N.A.N.A.

IIMU's Corporate Relations Team oversees the placement process. Under their supervision, two Student Placements Committees (one for the MBA program and one for PGPX) facilitate all interactions with the companies. A Relationship Manager is assigned to be a specific point of contact for each company to follow up on the IIM placements.

Eight week long summer internships are mandatory for the MBA Program students during the months of April and May.

Pre-placement Presentations
Companies have the option of engaging with the students using pre-placement presentations where they brief them about the projects on offer.

The dates for the selection process each year are posted in the "Calendar" section of this website. Companies are invited to campus based on their convenience and the slot is decided after discussion with the Student Placements Committee.

Placement Process
Typically, the IIM placements process begins with shortlisting based on the resumes of the students. For MBA students, this is usually followed by group processes like GDs, case studies or written tests, depending on a company's selection policy.

The final selections are generally based on one or more rounds of personal interviews. The companies provide a list of the selected students to the Student Placements Committee. Most companies also indicate the students whom they want to keep on the waiting list, ensuring that both the companies and the students are able to make the most appropriate choice.

Post-placement Process
Companies send official letters to the candidates through the Student Placements Committee. The HR managers then take over and connect the candidates to their project mentors in the company and take them through the induction process.

Summer Internship Review
IIMU is committed to ensuring that students deliver their best performance during the internships. There are three reviews: one at the end of the second week; one midway through; and one at the end of the project.

Pre-placement Offers
Companies have the opportunity to make final job offers to candidates who perform exceptionally well in the internships before the start of the final placement process.We encourage companies to visit our campus and conduct the entire process in person. When this is not practical, Skype, video-conferencing and telephonic facilities are available.

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact the Corporate Relations Office:
Kavita Chotrani