Area-wise Application Process

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Area-wise Application Process

IIM Udaipur offers Ph.D. in five areas. Please note that a candidate can apply to only one area out of the five areas mentioned below. In the case where candidates submit multiple applications in more than one area, the application received on the latest date will be considered and the previous application/applications will be summarily rejected.

Application Process

Please click on your respective area to know more about the research ecosystem, eligibility criteria, application requirements and selection process for each area.

**There is no application fee for the PhD program.

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Important Dates
1Application begins onNovember 10, 2023
2Application closes onFebruary 9, 2024
3Announcement of ShortlistMarch 8, 2024
4RAT/Interview Date (Tentative)April 1 to 5, 2024

For application-related queries please contact- or Call- 0294-2477251 (Monday to Friday) 9.00AM to 5.30PM

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The "U" Experience

Kriti Bhargava

PhD Student (Finance & Accounting)

As a PhD student, I can confidently attest to the exceptional quality of the course work and the invaluable support from our esteemed faculty at IIM Udaipur. The coursework offered here is specifically formulated to be highly relevant to our research interests, providing a solid foundation. What truly sets my academic experience apart is the unwavering support and mentorship of the distinguished faculty members. Their expertise, dedication, and willingness to engage in meaningful discussions have enriched my research pursuits and inspired me to push the boundaries of knowledge. The nurturing and collaborative environment fostered by the faculty here has been instrumental in shaping my academic journey.

Arti Srivastava

PhD Alumnus (Marketing)

PhD program at IIM Udaipur is deeply enriching. The resources and efforts invested by the institute in my learning exposed me to the global research environment. This place has endowed me with learning and relationships for life.

Vijayta Doshi

Suman Choudhary

PhD Student (Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management)

I have presented my work at prestigious conferences and have received positive feedback from both Indian and International experts. I have also had the opportunity to meet and engage with prominent researchers who visit IIMU frequently to present their work.

Nitin Jain

PhD Student (Operations Management)

It has been an enriching journey with IIMU. I found the coursework for the operations management area to be a very good blend of empirical, analytical, and theoretical courses spanning multiple disciplines to foster a good research foundation. The professors are very humble, helpful and have provided unflinching support and guidance during this journey. The access to financial and supply chain data via Bloomberg and Refinitiv databases and availability of STATA package have immensely helped me. There is a lot of encouragement to participate in reputed national and international conferences such as POMS, DSI, NEDSI, INFORMS, etc. Overall, I feel the PhD program has helped me holistically in pursuing my research endeavours.

Lalbabu Nishad

PhD Student (Operations Management)

The faculty's support has been exceptional. Faculties are young and research focused. The program's curriculum is designed to concentrate on area-specific courses, granting students the flexibility to engage in research right from their first year. Faculty members from various disciplines are always enthusiastic and open to discussing and providing support. The program's quality is on par with the renowned research-focused B-schools.

Divyansh Tripathi

PhD Student (Operations Management)

At IIM Udaipur, students in the PhD program benefit tremendously from the faculty’s unwavering guidance and support. The faculty not only imparts knowledge but treats students as colleagues, actively assisting in building research acumen. The research support at IIM Udaipur is comprehensive and incredibly helpful. Research seminars, brown bag seminars, and research days provide a stimulating platform to exchange ideas, present ongoing work, and receive valuable feedback. I am grateful for the exceptional environment at IIM Udaipur, which has greatly shaped my academic journey and research growth.

Ambikesh Pandey

PhD Student (Decision Sciences)

Embarking on my PhD journey at IIM Udaipur has been an incredible first experience. As a first-year newcomer, I am amazed by the opportunities, support, and resources this institution provides. The nurturing academic environment and the guidance from esteemed faculty members have been instrumental in shaping my research interests. The collaborative spirit among fellow scholars and the accessibility of cutting-edge facilities have set the stage for an exciting academic adventure. I'm thrilled to be part of a community that values innovation, diversity, and excellence in research.

Debika Ghosh

Debika Ghosh

PhD Student (Decision Sciences)

The young and enthusiastic faculty of this department with varied interests in statistical methodology and its applications across different domains is one of the primary highlights here. This department is dedicated to the development of its students. I can see good research opportunities here for people interested in pursuing interdisciplinary research.

Vidushi Trivedi

Vidushi Trivedi

PhD Student (Marketing)

IIM Udaipur has empowered my academic journey in innumerable ways right from the start of my PhD. From the rich research ecosystem in the institute that helped me provide all the necessary support system since the first year of my coursework, to the highly invested faculty that mentored me and honed my skillset at every step of my journey till date. Given the diverse research interests and backgrounds of faculty in the Marketing area, I got a chance to explore different domains of research within Marketing during coursework and choose a paradigm that most resonated with me later. I feel fortunate to be a part of this academic community with a highly conducive working environment which helps stimulate ideas and realize their full potential.

Riya Wadhwani

PhD Student (Marketing)

My journey with IIMU has been exceptionally transformative. The depth of knowledge and research passion of faculty members has been a true inspiration. Their dedication has been instrumental in shaping my research acumen, interest, and overall journey. IIMU offers exposure to a diverse range of marketing research areas, including marketing strategy, quantitative marketing, consumer culture, and consumer psychology. I greatly value the flexibility and autonomy I've been granted to tailor my research projects to align with my own passions and interests. The program's ample resources and facilities have equipped me with the necessary tools to conduct rigorous research and push the boundaries of my field. Overall, IIMU's deep commitment to research has not only enhanced my knowledge and skills but has also instilled a profound sense of purpose in me as a researcher. I am eagerly looking forward to continuing this academic journey with IIMU, and I wholeheartedly recommend this institution to anyone seeking a prolific research experience.