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Entrepreneurship Support


Entrepreneurship Support

An integral component of IIMU's mission is to create a culture that inspires entrepreneurship and innovation. With this in mind, the Institute provides concrete, practical support to students who opt to take the risk of becoming aspiring entrepreneurs. The support includes:

  • A stipend to help cover the basic cost of living. This ensures that students don't have to worry about their day to day subsistence and can focus on their larger objective of starting a venture.
  • A placement holiday, allowing students to use campus placement services at a later date, within two years of graduating.

This support is already having concrete results. The gold medal winning graduate in March 2015 has opted out of the campus placement process in order to start a new entrepreneurial venture in the National Capital Region of Delhi. Here is how he has described the support he has received:

Right now, there are 5 Professors, 11 batch-mates and a network of industry connections helping me build the company from scratch. The most amazing thing is that despite being alone in this venture, I am never alone and that's what IIM Udaipur does for us, when we decide to take this path of entrepreneurship.

Angad Singh, CEO