Student Exchange Program (STEP)

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Student Exchange Program (STEP)

Student Exchange Program (STEP)

Students spend a full semester on the exchange, and scholarships are available to defray some of the costs. IIMU has agreements with leading business schools in France, Germany, Norway and China for reciprocal student exchanges.

Partner University:

Frequently Asked Questions for Incoming Students

1. Is IIMU’s exchange program offered to bachelor students?
2. My university has not nominated me for the exchange program at your institute. Is there any other way for me to experience exchange term at your university?
3. I have been nominated by my university for the exchange program at your institute. However, I would like to withdraw due to personal reasons. How do I go about it?
4. I am expecting to receive my new passport, should I still fill in my application form?
5. Whom should I contact if I have queries or concerns for my exchange term at IIMU?
6. India is a completely new country for me. What support can I expect from the International Relations Office?

1. Where and when will I select courses?
2. How do I select courses?
3. I want to drop a course. How do I go about it?
4. I want to select one more course. How do I go about it?
5. Can I switch from one course to another course?
6. Where and when can I find my class timetable?
7. The course I selected will not be taught due to a smaller number of students opting for it. What do I need to do?
8. What is the class size?
9. You have a strict attendance policy. What happens if I arrive late to the class?
10. I want to travel within India during the exchange term. Will that be possible?
11. What if I miss my final exam? Can I take a retest or is there any other way to make up?
12. Can I give my exam online?
13. When and how will I know about my grades?
14. When and how will I receive my grade transcript?

Before Arrival
1. Anything specific should I pack?
2. Do you offer a health insurance?
3. Is there any scholarship / funding available?

After Arrival
1. Is there any government process I need to do after arrival to IIMU?
2. I want to travel within India before I arrive to IIMU for my exchange term. Is that ok?
3. I want to extend my stay after the exchange term is over. How do I go about it?
4. Why do you insist on bringing physical copies of my passport-size photographs with me?
5. How can I make the fees payment?
6. I am travelling during term break. Do I need to pay hostel fees for that period?
7. Is it mandatory to pay fees for the mess even if I am not availing the facilities?

1. What will I get inside my hostel room?
2. What other facilities are provided in hostel?
3. Is there cooking facility at the hostel?
4. What is check-in process at the hostel?
5. What is check-out process at the hostel?
6. I want to stay outside campus. Is that allowed?

Campus Facilities and Services
1. Do you have dining facilities?
2. I am sick. How do I avail medical facilities at IIMU?
3. What sports one can play on campus?
4. Is there any possibility of joining any clubs or committees at IIMU?
5. I am interested in learning Yoga. Is it possible to learn on campus?
6. Do you offer local language courses?
7. I am interested in doing social work during my stay in India. Is that possible?

IIM Udaipur Outgoing Student exchange
1. Why student exchange program (STEP)?
2. When is STEP offered?
3. Who is eligible to apply?
4. How many universities can I list in my preferences?
5. Do all students get allotted to their preferred university?
6. What happens after allotment?
7. What happens after application?
8. Where will I stay during my exchange term?




Course List

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