Final Placements

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Final Placements

Final Placements

Pre-placement Presentations

Companies have the option of using a pre-placement presentation to give students information about their business, vision, work culture and the roles and opportunities available, followed by a Q&A session.


The dates for the selection process each year are posted in the "Calendar" section of this website. Companies are invited to campus based on their convenience and the slot is decided after discussion with the Student Placements Committee.

Final Placement Process

Interested students apply to the company and submit their resumes through the Student Placements Committee. The selection process generally consists of resume-based shortlisting and one or more rounds of personal interviews. Offers, including details of role, location, compensation and other relevant terms and conditions, must be conveyed to the candidate through the Student Placements Committee. The placement process is governed by the Institute's placement rules.

Post-placement Process

Once a company has made an offer as part of the campus placement process, a candidate is bound to accept/reject the offer within a stipulated time frame. When a candidate accepts an offer, he/she automatically opts out of the placement process and ceases to be part of the pool of candidates available to companies.

The candidates are made the offer conditional on their successful completion of the course. The HR managers at the respective companies then take over to guide candidates through the induction and joining process.

NOTE: No charges are levied on companies for participation in the placement process at IIM Udaipur.

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact the Corporate Relations Office:

Mr. Souvik Roy

Head-Placement & Corporate Relations
+91-90070 60767

Ms. Anuja Zanzad

Two Year MBA
+91-98602 95149

Ms. Swati Singh

One Year MBA
+91-86985 86795