Program Fee & Financing

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Program Fee & Financing

ApplicationCycle 1Cycle 2Cycle 3
Commitment Fee (Non-refundable)₹ 50,000
After receiving the offer letter, Pay within10 days7 days5 days
First Installment₹ 2,00,620
After receiving the offer letter, Pay within30 days25 days15 Days or by May 13, 2024
(whichever is earlier)
Second Installment₹ 2,00,620
(payable by August 10, 2024)
Third Installment₹ 2,00,620
(payable by November 10, 2024)
Fourth Installment₹ 2,00,620
(payable by February 10, 2025)
Fifth Installment₹ 1,89,440
(payable by May 10, 2025)
Sixth Installment₹ 1,89,440
(payable by September 10, 2025)
Seventh Installment₹ 1,89,440
(payable by January 10, 2026)
Total₹ 14,20,800

  • The commitment fee of Rs. 50,000 is non-refundable.
  • The fees above include tuition fees, living expenses during on-campus modules, program materials, program kit, and virtual IIMU library access.
  • For students residing within India, the Institute will bear the courier charges for program material to be sent to their residence address.
  • Students residing outside India will have to bear the courier charges for program material to be sent to their residence addresses.
  • Living expenses shall cover expenses towards food and hostel room during on-campus modules.
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) does not apply to the program.

Numerous banks offer education loans for this program. For information regarding the loan application process and additional details, please get in touch with the Admission Office or contact person specified in the loan scheme document accessible on the Fee and Financing page.

State Bank of India Education Loan Scheme

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