Student Governance

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Student Governance

Student Governance

At IIMU, students take ownership and responsibility for themselves and for key aspects of student affairs.

Council of Student Affairs

All student activities on campus are governed by the Council of Student Affairs. It acts as a bridge between the student community and the administration, thus fostering a transparent flow of information and communication, and ensures accountability among all the student bodies on campus. CSA is responsible for the development, review and revision of appropriate policies and the code of conduct for student activities and is the prime custodian of the Student Constitution of IIM Udaipur. It acts as guardian of the common assets and liabilities of the student community and is responsible for resolving conflicts among other student bodies and their representatives in a manner that ensures fairness to all. CSA members are democratically elected by the entire student community. Read more

Student Constitution

Within less than two years of the founding of the Institute, IIMU's student body conceived and wrote a Student Constitution to govern themselves and all the activities under their responsibility. This document is an indispensable part of the culture of IIM Udaipur and will provide the solid foundation of student life for future batches.

Code of Conduct

In aspiring for the highest standards of personal and academic behavior, IIMU students adopted a code of conduct defining their responsibilities to themselves and the Institute.