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Industry Interaction


Industry Interaction

At IIMU a priority is to ensure that practice meets theory across all functional areas. Students have many opportunities for engagement with industry leaders throughout the year. Udaipur is home to a multitude of mid-sized companies, entrepreneurial ventures and dynamic NGOs that are making Rajasthan a hub of economic and social change. IIMU has established close ties with many of them as well as with key companies from across India.

These interactions are not limited to internships and case discussions. The students organize and moderate summits and panels that bring together experts, thinkers and practitioners from India and abroad. Students also benefit from intensive mentoring by committed and enthusiastic industry professionals.

Guest Lectures

Corporate leaders visit the IIMU campus throughout the year to give guest lectures covering varied topics in all functional domains, as well as topics on industry practices and major business developments. These guest lectures serve as a valuable means of interaction between students and practitioners and have helped IIM Udaipur build mutually beneficial long-lasting relationships with the corporate sector.

Live Projects

As part of the academic curriculum, students get opportunities to work on live projects throughout the year in different functional areas. Live projects generally take two forms:

  • Projects that students undertake in both the corporate and NGO sectors as part of their coursework on campus
  • International projects that are part of the International Business in Practice (IBP) elective course where students go abroad to work on two week consulting projects for companies in Thailand and the U.A.E.
Summits and Conclaves

Students organize a number of major events each year where leaders from the corporate and NGO sectors come to campus to share their expertise and unique perspectives:

  • Solaris – in an ambitious new initiative, IIMU students organized a weekend-long Management Fest in November 2015 which combined keynote addresses, panel discussions, case study competitions and workshops across key areas of management including:
    • The Leadership Summit, organized by the Media and Industry Interaction Cell of IIMU
    • Samvaah, the marketing conclave, organized by MarClan, the marketing club of IIMU
    • ArthSamvaad, the flagship event of Finomina, the finance club of IIMU
    • Technovate, the IT-Entrepreneurship summit, organized by Saksham, the entrepreneurship club of IIMU
    • Solaris
  • The Leadership Summit is a platform for industry leaders to share their opinions and views through engagement with academia and students. The first two editions of this event were held in the resplendent Durbar Hall of the City Palace in Udaipur.
  • Excursus is the Supply Chain Summit of IIM Udaipur. It brings together leaders in the supply chain field to talk about the future developments, innovations and challenges in this key sector.
  • Spandan is IIMU's HR Conclave. It provides a platform for global HR leaders to share their expertise and experiences with IIMU's students and faculty. Spandan 2015
    • Inclusive India Forum – in association with the Harvard Business School Club of India, IIMU organized the first event of its kind where different stakeholders from the corporate and NGO sectors shared a common platform to discuss ways in which partnerships can be created in the development management space for the larger benefit of society.

    Corporate Sponsorships

    Theseand other student-organized events have benefitted from the support of sponsors from the corporate sector, both national and local. Companies take advantage of the excellent platforms these events provide to reach a focused audience while participating in and supporting events aligned with their business priorities.

    The Professional Mentorship Program

    This program allows students to benefit from the support of recent graduates of the top four Indian management institutions. These young alumni connect with 2 to 3 mentees in a relaxed and informal manner and counsel them on how to make the most of their IIMU experience.