Faculty Recruitment

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Faculty Recruitment

Faculty Recruitment

IIMU is actively recruiting additional full-time faculty. IIMU is primarily looking for young graduates of leading schools in India and abroad who have demonstrated academic excellence in their chosen fields. Candidates are expected to have a PhD or equivalent doctoral-level degree. Since most will be starting their career at IIMU they will not yet have a proven research track record thus, IIMU looks for candidates who show potential for research excellence, based on their academic work, their personal goals and their personal interview.

IIMU's long-term goal is that 25% of full-time faculty will have degrees from outside India. While having faculty with some international exposure is beneficial in itself, our priority is always to look for the best candidate in each field. Of the last 15 recruitments, five were graduates of schools in North America.

IIMU's growing prominence among the newer IIMs has helped make it attractive for recent graduates considering their first or second teaching appointments. IIMU regularly receives up to 50 applications per month for faculty positions. In order to expand the number of candidates, IIMU places advertisements in professional society outlets and selected publications and at professional forums. IIMU also intends to increase its use of professional conferences for recruitment in future. To ensure a healthy and dynamic mix in the faculty, IIMU is exploring hiring candidates from allied disciplines such as statistics, mathematics, psychology and sociology as potential faculty for various functional areas. Because of our rapid expansion in the next few years, IIMU has the flexibility to hire outstanding candidates whether or not there is an immediate opening in their area of expertise.

IIMU's priority is not just to attract excellent faculty but to create the working environment and institutional culture that will encourage them to make their long-term career at IIMU.

The range of support initiatives in place for both research and teaching, the opportunities for mentorship from respected senior colleagues, and the collegial and transparent campus culture all set IIMU apart from other institutions and have helped maintain a very high retention rate. The move to the new campus in 2016, which has provided world-class facilities and infrastructure, comfortable faculty housing and other amenities, will also help in this effort.

Interested candidates are requested to apply online through the Faculty Recruitment Portal. Apply Online