Social Responsibility Initiatives of IIM Udaipur

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Social Responsibility Initiatives of IIM Udaipur

Background and Introduction:

IIM Udaipur’s social sustainability approach is centered around the principle of creating a positive impact on society and the community. The institute recognizes that a business cannot be successful if it operates in isolation and neglects the needs and concerns of the society it operates in. Hence, it has been actively involved in various social sustainability. initiatives, both within and outside the campus.

One of the key efforts of IIM Udaipur is towards social sustainability is its focus on promoting rural communities. The institute strongly believes in sustainable society, and hence, it strives to create a dedicated department for handling all sorts of CSR Activities and is headed by a senior officer of the institute - Ms. Shanu Lodha.

IIM Udaipur also actively engages with the local community and undertakes initiatives that have a positive impact on their lives. It has collaborated with several NGOs, government bodies, and local community organizations to implement various social development.

Program such as healthcare camps, awareness drives, and skill development programs. The institute has also partnered with local schools and colleges to impact knowledge and skills to young students, thereby empowering them to become responsible citizens and future leaders.

Future goals and targets: IIM Udaipur aims to continuously improve its social sustainability through its following major initiatives targets:

  • Developing Rural communities.
  • Increase the number of community engagement initiatives and partnerships to promote social development.
  • Develop a social responsibility framework to provide education through its various programs and initiatives.

Under the leadership of the Director -Prof. Ashok Banerjee,Dean (Programs)- Prof. Rajesh Nanarpuzha and Sr. Administtive officer -Ms Shanu Lodha (Handling CSR Department),IIMU aims to drive meaningful changes in various sectors, including education, healthcare, and sustainability. Working hand-in-hand with the CSR department, the "Prayatna" club, a student-led social responsibility club, is committed to making a difference at the grassroots level.

The primary objectives of the CSR department include building awareness and understanding of development agendas within the institute, enhancing institutional capacity and training related to rural needs, promoting rigorous reporting and useful outputs, improving development outcomes through research, fostering dialogue on societal and environmental issues, and emphasizing the importance of fieldwork and stakeholder interactions in designing solutions for societal objectives.

Through these CSR initiatives, IIMU aims to make a significant and lasting impact on the lives of individuals in the adopted villages and contribute to the larger vision of building an inclusive and sustainable India.

The CSR department is focused on elevating the impact of these initiatives to new heights. Together, they strive to address the development challenges faced by local communities through interactions and interventions in the adopted villages.

Adoption of villages:

IIMU has adopted five villages namely :

  • Balicha,
  • Sur Falaya,
  • Seth Ji ki Kundal,
  • Lai, and
  • Naya Kheda
Survey of villages:

To kickstart their efforts, IIMU conducted a comprehensive baseline survey to assess the demographic structure of the adopted villages and identify suitable interventions based on the capabilities of participating organizations. The survey data, collected through collaboration with "PRICE" (People's Research Industry for Consumer and Economics), has been uploaded on the website for future analysis, reporting, and discussion.

Major Initiatives: