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Extraordinary Extra-curricular

Campus life at IIMU is vital and active with a myriad of student clubs and committees.  Functional and professional clubs, cultural clubs, sports and hobby clubs, social outreach – IIMU has it all.  A number of student-run cells and committees also facilitate activities throughout the year.  Students can explore their interests and passions, develop life-long bonds and relationships and hone their leadership skills.

Functional and Professional

Students interested in the business of business have a wide choice of clubs focusing on finance, entrepreneurship and other functional areas. The clubs organize summits and conclaves, competitions, special events and guest lectures and give the students opportunities to apply and expand their classroom learning.

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Social and Recreational

Cultural and sports clubs reflect the diversity of interests and talents of the students. The Leap Day Literary Festival and the food fest are just two recent examples of events and festivals that add spark and spirit to the campus, some organized for the IIM community and some welcoming the community at large.

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Governance and Administration

Student government, placement committee, alumni relations, media relations and mess and infrastructure are areas where students play a central role and make an invaluable contribution to the quality of life at IIMU.

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