Research Projects


Research Projects

IIMU Funded Research Projects - Ongoing

  • Consumer Behaviour in Religious festivals
    PI- Arundhati Bhattacharyya
  • On the fringes of organizations and markets
    PI – Soorjith Karthikeyan
  • The great Indian divide
    PI – Dina Banerjee
  • Analysis of failure time data
    PI – Debanjan Mitra
  • Creating a processual understanding of devloping shared value social impact
    PI – Rajesh Nanarpuzha
  • Board characteristics and earnings management
    PI - Shobhit Agrawal, Sandhya Bhatia, Amish Dugar
  • BoP value chain
    PI - Prakash Satyavageeswaran
  • Temple festivals of Southern India
    PI - Prakash Satyavageeswaran, Rajesh Nanarpuzha
  • Benefits and burdens of empowering leadership
    PI - Arpana Rai
  • The greenhouse gas mystery
    PI - Anirban Adhikary
  • Alternative advertising strategies
    PI - Ashish, Patrali, Prakash, Rajesh
  • Empowering villagers & woman in the bottom of pyramid as consumers through use of technology
    PI - Ashish Galande
  • Empowering villagers & womwn in the bottom of pyramid as entrepreneurs through use of technology
    PI - Prakash Satyavageeswaran
  • An exploration and explanation of the business care for employee volunteering programs
    PI - Kirti Mishra
  • New Compensatory Consumption Outcomes: An Experimental Examination of Two Novel Coping Behaviors Subconsciously Adopted By Consumers Post Psychological Threats
    PI - Jayant Nasa
  • Inter-generational transfer of professional skepticism in auditors
    PI - Amish Dugar
  • Consumer Culture and Symbolic Meaning
    PI - Tanvi Gupta
  • Social Media in Disaster Management
    PI - Samadrita Bhattacharyya
  • Gender and Entrepreneurship in India
    PI - Vijayta Doshi
  • The farmer as a social media influencer
    PI - Rajesh Nanarpuzha
  • The Impact of Product Anthropomorphism on Price-Quality Judgments
    PI - Amogh Kumbargeri
  • Towards Healthier Choices: Implications of Product Reformulation and Taxation for Manufacturers and Policymakers
    PI - Vedha Ponnappan
  • Consequences of Twitter Use During India’s COVID-19 Pandemic
    PI - Probal Mojumder
  • Trading around unscheduled announcements
    PI - Samarpan Nawn
  • Equitable Health (EHAC)
    PI - Prakash Satyavageeswaran
  • Primary Healthcare Initiative
    PI - Prakash Satyavageeswaran

External Funded Research Projects - Ongoing

  • Who Bridges Across Social Divides?
    PI – Dhirendra Mani Shukla
    Funded by – Scheme of Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC)
  • Agricultural Knowledge Transfer at the Base of the Pyramid: A Sociological Perspective
    PI – Dhirendra Mani Shukla
    Funded by – Scheme of Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC)
  • Interfirm Collaboration Networks: Implications for Firm Innovations
    PI – Dhirendra Mani Shukla
    Funded by – Indian Council of Social Science Research, Ministry of Education
  • Two Sides of a Coin: Empowering Rural People and Women as Consumers and Entrepreneurs through Use of Technology
    PI – Prakash Satyavageeswaran, Ashish S. Galande
    Funded by – Scheme of Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC)
  • Study of semiparametric statistical inference under general censoring schemes
    PI – Debanjan Mitra
    Funded by – Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology
  • Resilience of Women during pandemics
    PI – Kirti Mishra
    Funded by – Australian Alumni Grant Scheme
  • Impact of algorithmic trading on market microstructure
    Investigator – Sumit Kumar
    Funded by – Indian Institute of Management Udaipur and IBM
  • Marketing and Identify in Public Sector Organizations: Assessing the Impact of Marketing Training Versus Identify Based Motivation on Employee Performance
    PI – Prakash Satyavageeswaran
    Funded by – AMA EBSCO
  • Understanding EMNE’s Market Entry into Foreign Emerging Markets
    PI – Prakash Satyavageeswaran
    Funded by – NASMEI
  • Impact of Influencers in Adoption and Valuation of Subscription-based Services
    PI – Vedha Ponnappan
    Funded by – NASMEI