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Consumer Culture Lab

Consumer Culture Lab

There is a great deal of consensus, in academia and the business world, about the need for more research on non-western, rapidly changing contexts like India. There is an even greater requirement within academia for the non-western countries to take the lead in producing such research. The Consumer Culture Lab at IIM Udaipur aims to fill this gap by providing accessible insights related to consumer behaviour in India.

The Lab recognizes a growing demand to understand the Indian consumer globally. Through its research, the Lab aims to highlight that there is no one single Indian consumer to decode. Given India’s diversity, the Consumer Culture Lab will bring to the forefront the multiple voices that the category of ‘Indian consumer’ encompasses within it.

Who We Are

The Lab comprises faculty, researchers, students and alumni of IIM Udaipur, along with global domain experts from academia and industry, committed to producing knowledge on various aspects of consumer culture in India.

What We Do

The Lab will specifically focus upon bringing together perspectives from anthropology, sociology and psychology to understand the consumer culture. Further, the Consumer Culture Lab aspires to create and disseminate knowledge on qualitative research methods for both the academic and non-academic practitioners. The Lab recognizes the many cultural forces that are continuously influencing the everyday lives of the Indian consumers, both consciously and unconsciously. This Lab is exclusively dedicated to unpacking the complicated lives of Indian consumers. A broader aim is to showcase a more contemporary and current understanding of Indian consumers.

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Digital Heartlands Report 2023

IIM Udaipur’s Consumer Culture Lab has partnered with Stripe Partners to explore the cultural dynamics behind the boom in India’s small-town creator economy.

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