Vision 2030

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Vision 2030

To continue on the path of meaningful growth, innovation and achievements of the first decade, IIMU’s Board led development of the Vision 2030. Steered by our Board member Mr D Shivakumar (Group Executive President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Aditya Birla Management Corporation), the Institute had carried out an elaborative visioning exercise involving all the stakeholders. The group identified 12 premier international schools, that will be our benchmark till 2030. Additionally, the group also engaged with administrators of higher learning from across the country.

We want to build on the proud legacy we have laid in the past years in our new vision.

We have set assertive goals for 2030, and the two core areas that have emerged are,

  • High-quality research
  • Student transformation

Henceforward, we would focus on further enhancing our students' transformational journeys. Additionally, we would invest in forging strong bonds with our corporate partners. IIMU also wants to lead in how digital technology is changing the business world by preparing its students with management concepts and leadership styles. Last year, we launched India's only One-Year MBA in Digital Enterprise Management for experienced professionals.

The Institute has set up task forces involving Board and faculty members to work on a detailed plan for various aspects of the vision. We now have a vision that is owned by our outstanding board, faculty, alumni and staff equally. The AACSB accreditation and global recognitions like getting listed on QS and FT MIM rankings at such an early stage, have helped us work towards becoming a globally recognized management school by 2030. As we advance, we want to continue to break new ground by focusing on all the facets to achieve this vision.