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The IIM Udaipur alumni community is a robust and increasingly diverse network of dynamic young professionals making their mark in the corporate world, in the social sector and in entrepreneurial ventures.  IIMU is actively working to forge a lifelong relationship with every alumnus and alumna.

IIMU Support for Alumni

The Corporate Relations Office provides alumni with ongoing career support and the new IIMU Incubation Center will provide a range of support and resources for alumni entrepreneurs.  Effective communication with alumni is assured through the IIMU Alumni Portal which is designed to strengthen and facilitate the relationship between alumni and the Institute.  The Portal makes it easy to locate and contact batch-mates and friends and share information about career changes and promotions, personal announcements and other news.

On the portal you can find:
  • directories and contact information
  • discussion boards
  • online job database and postings
  • networking opportunities
  • event information
All graduates of IIMU's diploma programs are eligible to use the Alumni Portal.  Alumni can register or login here:  https://iimu.almaconnect.com/
We hope our alumni will visit the portal regularly and suggestions for how to make the portal even better are always welcome.

Alumni Support for IIMU

Alumni continue to support the Institute and its mission in many ways:
  • acting as mentors
  • helping with interview preparation and career guidance
  • offering students opportunities for student projects and internships
  • coming back to share their expertise and experience as participants in conclaves and summits
  • supporting on-campus recruitment

Alumni and Allies Association (A4)

Alumni And Allies Association (A4) is the student cell that acts as a liaison between the alumni of IIMU and the Institute.  Among its other activities, A4 organizes Flashback, the annual alumni reunion, which is one of the most anticipated events each year at IIMU.
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Contact A4:  a4@iimu.ac.in

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