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Alumni And Allies Association - A4
About Us

Alumni And Allies Association (A4), the alumni society of the Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur, is a registered society under the Rajasthan Society Registration Act, 1958. Starting in 2013, A4 has organised several events for alumni engagement over the years and across the spread of the curriculum.

A4 focuses on sustaining the existing alumni relationships and building new ones to foster the growth of the IIMU community. We value our relationships and learning from each other. A4 helps the students leverage the alumni network and gives a direction to the institution’s growth & future. Integrity and mutual respect are held high at A4. The association aims to build a global alumni community at IIM Udaipur through constant engagement, relationship development and collaboration.

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Adhyay meets are the annual City Chapters Meets organised by A4 of IIM Udaipur to establish strong liaisons between alumni and the institute. They provide a platform for the alumni residing in the same city to gather to interact with each other and reignite relationships. The presence of our beloved professors makes the meets even more special.

Adhyay 2021 was conducted offline after a gap of a year of uncertainty. It was organised in three major cities Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Eighty-eight alumni members graced the event to reconnect and cherish the nostalgic memories. Also, our esteemed faculty and staff members graces the event by their presence, providing interesting opportunities for alumni to interact and network.


The city chapters were also graced by our beloved Director, Prof. Janat Shah, through the zoom platform,who addressed the gathering and informed the alumni about the recent happenings and achievements of the institute.

Adhyay Report


Sampark, an annual event, aids first-year MBA students in preparing for their Summer Internship Placements. Esteemed alumni of IIM Udaipur interact with students, take mock interviews and share them with valuable insights regarding various industries and roles, enabling students to be one step ahead and make more informed decisions about their future career paths.

This year, Sampark IX was conducted online from 9th September to 18th September 2021 and saw the participation of 60+ alumni mentors and 170 enthusiastic MBA1 students making it a massive success.

Udaan is another annual event conducted along the same lines as Sampark and aids second-year MBA students in their Final Placement Preparation. Alumni conduct thorough mock interviews giving valuable feedback. It provides the students with a taste of what to expect when sitting for the final placements and enables them to identify areas of improvement.

Sampark Report

SAHYOG - GSCM & DEM Alumni Engagement Program

The alumni engagement program is intended to provide mentorship and guidance regarding curriculum, concepts to focus on, or placement-related insights/doubts. For 2021-22, the program received the overwhelming support of 20+ alumni for GSCM and 36+ alumni for DEM from the IIM Udaipur community. The program spanned more than five months with a roadmap designed to cater to all the aspects such as discussion around the area of interest, project and certification guidance, discussion around role aspiring, suggestions around interview preparation, and conducting the mock interview.

The enthusiastic participation of the 74 students of the GSCM and DEM '22 batch and the continuous support of alumni during engagement helped the entire GSCM, and DEM cohort attains 100% placements within 90 days.


'Milestone V' is a celebration for batches who have completed five years of graduation anniversary with IIMU. This year, the 5th edition of Milestone V was graced by alumni from the PGP 2015-17 batch, PGPX 2016-17 batch, faculties and stakeholders associated with IIM Udaipur. The tradition of tree plantation on campus, dedicated to the Milestone V batches, was taken forward on behalf of the batches. Also, a cake cutting ceremony was performed to celebrate the achievement.

Milestone V & Flashback
Milestone V & Flashback
Milestone V & Flashback
Milestone V & Flashback
Milestone V & Flashback
Milestone V & Flashback
Milestone V & Flashback

Flashback is the flagship event of A4. The annual homecoming - alumni meet is instrumental in fostering the interaction between the alumni and IIMU fraternity to maintain and promote alumni engagement alongside the institution's development. This year Flashback IX was conducted offline at the Balicha campus on March 5th, 2022. More than 100 enthusiastic alumni participated in the one-day extravaganza. The events' highlights were the interactions with faculty, management, fellow batch mates, juniors, clubs and committees, and cultural performances by SIGs. The Director, Prof. Janat Shah, unveiled the annual magazine of A4 'Thump 9.0' during the General Body Meeting, held during the flashback. The election of president and vice-president (One-year MBA) of the alumni council was also conducted during the GBM.

Milestone V & Flashback IX Event Report


Industry Core Group
Industry Core Group
Industry Core Group

The vision of Industry Core Group was to build industry expertise and establish a Centre of Excellence to facilitate better mentorship of students for placements. ICG covers a range of topics in detail, including Industry-specific roles offered after MBA, the future growth trajectory of each, and critical skills required to succeed in the role. This year A4 in collaboration with the Placement Preparation Committee, conducted three sessions (Consulting, FMCG, BFSI) under Industry Core Group(s) which saw massive participation from the students and the alumni. The students were equipped with industry knowledge and first-hand information about expected roles. The initiative received great feedback from all the stakeholders.


UForum is a series of live webinars that aims to tap into the extensive knowledge of IIM Udaipur’s distinguished faculty and facilitates learning through their perspectives and experiences. Moderated by our esteemed alumni, these sessions involve enriching discussions on a multitude of topics relevant to management professionals and students.

This year A4 organized six UForum webinars, with a horizon of topics ranging from climate change and digital transformation to stock market meltdown and behavioural marketing. These sessions were moderated by eight of our distinguished alumni, who were working in similar domains as the discussion topics. These webinars were attended by alumni, faculty, and students to gain insights and widen their learnings.


UForum page

KALEIDOSCOPE: Shades of Alumni

Kaleidoscope is a new initiative by A4 to promote informal communication with the alumni community. A series of episodes are released on social media where distinguished alumni share their transformational journey at IIM Udaipur. The alumni share the challenges they face during and after the MBA and how they overcome obstacles and continuously strive towards greater heights.

Kaleidoscope: Shades of Alumni
Kaleidoscope: Shades of Alumni
Kaleidoscope: Shades of Alumni
Kaleidoscope: Shades of Alumni

Four episodes were released on YouTube, where five distinguished alumni shared their stories. The informal interviews were moderated by A4 student representatives, who took the alumni on a fascinating, nostalgic journey.

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