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Alumni And Allies Association - A4
About Us

Alumni And Allies Association (A4), the alumni society of the Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur, is a registered society under the Rajasthan Society Registration Act, 1958. Starting in 2013, A4 has organised several events for alumni engagement over the years and across the spread of the curriculum.

A4 focuses on sustaining the existing alumni relationships and building new ones to foster the growth of the IIMU community. We value our relationships and learning from each other. A4 helps the students leverage the alumni network and gives a direction to the institution’s growth & future. Integrity and mutual respect are held high at A4. The association aims to build a global alumni community at IIM Udaipur through constant engagement, relationship development and collaboration.

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Adhyay City Chapter Meets are the annual Meets organised by A4 to establish strong liaisons between alumni and the institute. They provide a platform for the alumni residing in the same city to gather to interact with each other and reignite relationships. The presence of our beloved professors makes the meets even more special.

Adhyay 2023 was organised in three major cities, Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore More than 200+ alumni graced the event to reconnect and cherish the nostalgic memories. The city chapters were graced by our esteemed Board Members, Dean Faculty & Research & A4 representatives who addressed the gathering and informed the alumni about the recent happenings and achievements of the institute, providing interesting opportunities for alumni to interact and network.



Sampark, an annual event, aids first-year MBA students in preparing for their Summer Internship Placements. Esteemed alumni of IIM Udaipur interact with students, take mock interviews, and share them with valuable insights regarding various industries and roles, enabling students to be one step ahead and make more informed decisions about their future career paths.

This year, Sampark XI was conducted online from 8th September to 28th September 2023 and saw the participation of 100+ alumni mentors and 180+ enthusiastic students from first year MBA making it a massive success.

SAHYOG - GSCM & DEM Alumni Engagement Program

Sahyog, the alumni engagement program is intended to provide mentorship and guidance regarding curriculum, electives, live project, and placement-related insights/doubts. For 2023-24, the program received the overwhelming support of 50+ Alumni. The program spanned over five months with a roadmap designed to cater to aspects such as student’s aspirational role, project and certification guidance, interview preparation, and post-MBA career opportunities.

The enthusiastic participation of 90 students from the GSCM and DEM’23-24 batch, the continuous support of alumni fraternity helped the students make informed decisions on career.

The positive responses from students and alumni alike highlighted the success of SAHYOG in creating meaningful connections and providing essential guidance to the next generation of professionals. Students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn from experienced alumni and receive personalized advice on their academic and professional journeys. Alumni mentors were equally enthusiastic about their involvement in the program, sharing that they were inspired by the students passion and commitment to their careers.

Industry Core Group
Industry Core Group
Industry Core Group
Industry Core Group
Industry Core Group

The Industry Core Group (ICG) envisions the development of specialized industry knowledge and the establishment of a Center of Excellence to enhance mentorship for student placements. ICG covers various topics in-depth, including specific roles offered in industries after obtaining an MBA, the anticipated growth trajectory for each, and the essential skills needed for success in these roles. This year, A4 collaborated with the Learning and Development department to conduct sessions on Consulting, Finance, and Product/Project Management as part of the Industry Core Group, which garnered significant participation from both students and alumni.

Additionally, individual mock interviews were organized. For the consulting sector, three mock group discussions were held to enhance problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. This equipped students with valuable industry insights and firsthand information about prospective roles. The initiative received highly positive feedback from all stakeholders involved.

Student Members
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