Research Chair

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Research Chair

IIM Udaipur offers a unique opportunity to outstanding scholars to work with the Institute as the IIMU Research Chair (URC). Exceptional scholars acknowledged by their peers as upcoming leaders in their research field are encouraged to apply for this role. Faculty members already employed with IIMU can also be considered.

IIMU will concurrently appoint a maximum of three Research Chairs and appointment will be for a maximum of three years. In addition to the standard procedure for a faculty member's appointment, a three member committee consisting of Director and two Academic Advisory Board members will be involved in the election process. The research chair's teaching load is reduced by one 4-credit course per year. They will be provided with INR 3,00,000 per year additional income and further INR 3,00,000 per year as contingency grant for carrying out research. Research Chairs' responsibility may also include attracting faculty for shorter durations of three months or more, if the above teaching load reduction, additional income and contingency grant shall be proportionately reckoned.

Nomination or Application

Nominations/applications for appointment to the URC will be made in the following ways,

  • Application by external candidates (i.e. persons who are not already employed with IIMU)
  • Application by internal candidates (i.e. persons who are already faculty members with IIMU)
  • Nomination of external or internal candidates by the Director or a member of the Academic Advisory Board or Faculty recruitment committee

Nominations and applications will be followed up with a selection process. Applications by external candidates will be taken up for evaluation periodically. Applications by internal candidates will be invited on an annual basis (generally by end-January) and typically evaluated within three months (i.e. by end-March). Nominations can be made at any time.

Criteria for Appointment

The criteria to be considered while deciding on the appointment of persons to the URCs include the following,

  • Record of scholarly achievements, especially by way of publications in journals classified by IIMU as Category A*
  • National and international recognition in the area of expertise that fits the IIMU research profile
  • Acknowledgement by peers as being among future world leaders in their research area
  • Demonstrable and continuing commitment to the support and development of emerging scholars
  • Recognition by peers through grants, awards and other such honours
  • Potential for collaboration with other members of IIMU's faculty
  • Existing partnerships with other members of IIMU's faculty, which could be strengthened by the appointment
  • Alignment of the person with the culture and vision of IIMU
To Apply

You can apply by sending your CV and cover letter to with "Application - Research Chair" as the subject.