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Curriculum Design

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One Year MBA - GSCM consists of three terms:

Term 1

Management Fundamentals

The first term consists of mandatory courses covering the key tools, concepts and analytical skills used in all major functional areas with a focus on supply chain management.

Foundation: These courses focus on developing the knowledge and analytical ability that support the understanding of the functional areas of business studies.

Functional: These courses cover the fundamentals of business and management studies and equip the participants to understand and apply advanced concepts.

Integrative: Integrative courses enable students to understand how to develop a holistic understanding of organizations and the problems they face and see how different functions relate to each other.

Skill Building: In addition to basic and functional knowledge, a management professional is required to develop and apply a variety of skills and use multiple tools that enable decision-making and better management. Picking up and sharpening these skills is a life-long process and courses designed for building skills get participants started on this journey.

Domain expertise: The curriculum is designed to enable participants to become experts in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) domain at a global level. This set of courses provides a foundation for them to learn advanced SCM concepts. Participants are also exposed to the digital world of supply chain management.

Term 2

Supply Chain Perspective

In this Term, students get an opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the Indian supply chain domain.

Students will have core courses like Logistics, Strategic Sourcing and Procurement, Global Supply Chain Management and Advanced Analytics. They will also be offered a set of electives to choose from which would enhance their SCM expertise.

In Term 2, students will also work on a live SCM Project with industry. This will enable them to effectively apply the classroom learnings in a practical setting.

Term 3

Advanced Business and GSCM Understanding

In addition to a Capstone Simulation Exercise, the students choose from a number of electives that strengthen the specialization in GSCM.

The live SCM project that had commenced in Term 2 will culminate in Term 3.

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