Global Perspective

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Global Perspective

Global Perspective

IIMU strongly believes that leaders are best developed in a multi-cultural environment. To succeed, managers must be able to think globally; hence at IIM Udaipur, learning has no boundaries. Our initiatives to instil a global perspective are an integral part of all our activities.

For two-year MBA students

IIMU offers students numerous options to study or work abroad for periods ranging from two weeks to three months during the course of their two year program. The international exposure gives them the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture, develop a broader business perspective, expand their global network and widen their personal and intellectual horizons. Opportunities include:

International Corporate Internship

A number of two-year MBA students undertake their Corporate Internships abroad. Past locations have included Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, London and Malaysia.

For Faculty

At IIMU, we pride ourselves on our faculty's extensive international experience, making our MBA program uniquely global. Our permanent faculty includes academics with research credentials from top institutions in Europe and North America. Adjunct and visiting faculty from New Zealand and Singapore enrich this mix and bring vast experience and wide-ranging points of view to the campus. Our faculty members also sustain and further enrich their international experiences and connections through joint research projects, regular research visits, conference attendance, and through a semester abroad program.

Joining our MBA program thus means learning from faculty who possess global insights and cutting-edge research, positioning you at the forefront of business education.

IIMU has established research relationships with various international partners. A joint research program is now in place with Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy; four projects have been undertaken to date. Discussions are under way to create a similar program with Purdue University.

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