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Chairperson's Message

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Prof. Rajesh Agrawal

Welcome to the One-Year MBA Programs of IIM Udaipur

In the new world order, organizations are experiencing several headwinds, including complex and dynamic business environments, stiff global competition, and digital disruptions. Some of these are tectonic shifts in the business landscape. The way we do businesses and the businesses we do are undergoing significant changes. To be able to survive and thrive in these circumstances and navigate through these challenges, it is imperative for businesses to not only make incremental changes in how they conduct their business but completely reimagine and reinvent themselves. Companies need experienced and skilled professionals who are agile and resilient, those who can quickly adapt to ever-changing situations and champion organizational change.

The global pandemic has taught us the importance of two very significant pillars for the post-pandemic business world. First, the significance of the new digital world order, where organizations must embrace ‘digital’ in everything they do, not as a constraint, but as a great enabler. Second, the importance of focusing on ‘supply chain management as a driver for improved profitability and growth. Our one-year MBA programs in “Digital Enterprise Management” (DEM) and “Global Supply Chain Management” (GSCM) pivot around these two central and contemporary themes. These programs offer a great opportunity for early and mid-career professionals to augment their career growth.

In these programs, the participant's study management concepts in various functional domains, get an opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of the courses related to digital or supply chain management, as the case may be, and apply their knowledge in these areas in solving real-life business problems through live projects. The program design lays considerable emphasis on peer-to-peer learning, problem-solving, and decision-making.

These programs are taught by the world-class faculty of IIM Udaipur, as well as senior industry practitioners from the digital and supply chain domains. Given the importance of these programs, IIM Udaipur has set up advisory boards in these two areas, consisting of senior industry professionals, to advise us on course design and delivery. In addition, participants benefit a great deal from personalized coaching which helps improve their communication skills and mentoring sessions focused on personality development.

As the chairperson of these programs, I am very excited to welcome participants to these programs, as they embark on their transformational journey at IIM Udaipur!

Prof. Rajesh Agrawal
Chairperson, One-Year MBA Programs

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