Our Mission, Core Values and Culture


Our Mission, Core Values and Culture

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IIMU creates an environment where our students, our faculty and our staff can achieve their maximum potential. All categories of IIMU stakeholders were involved in the process of articulating the Institute's statement of its Mission, Core Values and Culture.


  • We commit to thought leadership in research that builds theory and inspires practice
  • We create responsible leaders by providing values-based and application-oriented management education
  • We provide a transformational learning experience
  • We contribute to the development of the region by focusing on wealth creation and social welfare
Core Values
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Mutual Respect
  • Inclusion
  • Environmental consciousness/ecological sustainability

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  • A faculty-governed institute with a culture of academic excellence fostered by rigor in teaching and research
  • A culture which inspires entrepreneurship and innovation
  • A non-hierarchical culture that encourages freedom of thought and expression for all
  • A culture which promotes openness and transparency in all processes and information exchange
  • A culture that provides an inclusive environment for growth