Chairperson’s Message

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Chairperson’s Message

Tanvi Gupta

Dear Future Research Scholar,

We extend a warm welcome to you to embark on a transformative journey in the world of business academia through the PhD program at IIM Udaipur. If you're passionate about research and aspire to contribute to academic and practical knowledge in the field of management, you're in the right place.

IIM Udaipur's PhD program is uniquely designed to shape future scholars. The program aligns with top business schools globally and aims to produce world-class researchers. It's important to note that our PhD program is distinctly different from the typical MBA programs, and the outcomes are tailored to prepare you for a career in academia. If you're ready to overcome the challenges of a rigorous doctoral program and envision yourself as a faculty member in the world of business academia, then IIMU's PhD program is your ideal choice.

However, the program might not be suitable if you see it merely as a gateway to MBA campus placements, intend to pursue corporate roles, lack clear career aspirations, or seek a doctoral title without the scholarly journey.

Our PhD program spans five years, with full financial support. The initial two years focus on coursework, equipping you with research skills and knowledge. The subsequent three years are dedicated to conducting in-depth, rigorous research. You may also take on academic responsibilities throughout your journey.

Our faculty, who are actively engaged in high-impact research, will guide you. You'll learn to navigate the intricacies of conducting cutting-edge research and have the opportunity to publish in top-tier international journals.

IIM Udaipur's emphasis on research is a key differentiator. Ranked 4th among all business schools in India for research excellence by the University of Texas Dallas (UTD), our faculty is highly motivated to publish in globally reputed journals, and this commitment is extended to our PhD students.

As a PhD student at IIMU, you'll engage in practical research projects from the first year, gaining hands-on experience. You'll develop critical research skills, critique top-tier research, and build expertise in data collection and analysis tools.

Our monthly Brown Bag Seminars provide a platform for presenting your ongoing research, fostering peer-to-peer learning and dialogue. The opportunity to present your work at national and international conferences enhances your research communication skills.

Moreover, our merit-based Semester Abroad program allows you to spend four months at a prestigious foreign university, deepening your global perspective and expanding your network.

Our vision is to empower you to publish in top-tier global journals, be at par with graduates from the best universities worldwide, and secure faculty positions in top institutes. We encourage you to focus on building a body of work, not just completing a thesis.

Here are a few tips for choosing a PhD program:
  • Consider faculty diversity and alignment.
  • Assess the research ecosystem.
  • Explore research resources and funds for global exposure.

We eagerly look forward to inviting you to start your journey as a global research scholar at IIM Udaipur. Embrace the opportunity to build your distinctive academic brand, establish a strong network in academia, find your unique voice on the global stage, and evolve from being a student to a scholar.

Best Regards,

Dr. Tanvi Gupta
Faculty, Marketing
Chairperson, PhD Program
IIM Udaipur