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Eligibility Criteria
  • Candidates with a minimum of 10+2 years of school education and a minimum of 3 years of university education with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in any discipline
  • The GMAT/GRE score is the standardized test score for the program; any candidate with a valid GMAT/GRE score can apply
  • Relevant work experience of a minimum of 36 months as of 29th of February 2020
Admission Process

The admission process is completed in the following steps:

  • Interested candidates fill in the online application form.
  • Applicants to IIMU are shortlisted on the basis of the eligibility criteria and called for the second round where they are screened through a personal interview.
  • An offer of admission is made on the basis of a weighted score of the candidate's demographic profile, academic profile, course relevant work experience, score in GMAT/GRE and personal interview.
Contact details:

Email: mbademadmission@iimu.ac.in
Call: 0294-2477106