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Program-related FAQs

1. What is the objective of starting a new program called Digital Enterprise Management (DEM)?
2. How is DEM different from other courses on Digital Management?
3. How in-depth is the curriculum in Analytics? Will a graduate be suitable for the role of Data Scientist after doing this program?
4. What kind of projects will a student get to do? Does a student need to have software development skills for doing them?
5. Who will be teaching the courses in DEM? What will be the faculty's profile?
6. How does this program enable experiential learning?
7. Do students get the opportunity to be involved in any research projects under any faculty?
8. What would be the mode of teaching for the next academic year?
9. Does the DEM graduates receive an MBA degree?
10. Is there a summer internship in the one year DEM program?
11. Is this an executive MBA program?

Placement-related FAQs

1. What are the career prospects after completion of the one year MBA program in DEM?
2. Is the placement process for the DEM program the same as the process for other programs at IIMU?
3. When do the placements start in the one year DEM program?

Admission-related FAQs

1. What are the selection criteria for admission?
2. I have many years of experience in my private business. Am I eligible for this program?
3. Is there any scholarship or financial aid options available?
4. Is there a cut-off score for the GMAT/GRE/CAT for DEM?
5. What is the validity period for a GMAT/GRE/CAT score?
6. Is it preferable to submit GRE or GMAT or CAT when applying for the DEM program?
7. Does the entire application need to be completed within one session?
8. Does IIMU conduct GD/Personal Interview as part of the admission process?
9. Does the DEM program require candidates to have prior experience in a digital enterprise?
10. How much time does a student have to accept or decline an admission offer?
11. How can an applicant pay the application fee?

Institute-related FAQs

1. What are the facilities at IIMU for students?
2. Do One year MBA students get to be a part of the various student bodies?
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