Learning and Development

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Learning and Development

Learning and Development (L&D) team at Indian Institute of Management Udaipur provides full rigour in developing the career of students from the day they start their journey at the Institute. Students are provided with necessary resources, mentorship and skill building activities for developing their professional career potential at the Institute.

L&D team works with students of two-year and one-year MBA programs to help them develop their communication skills, build effective CV and prepare for interviews. L&D also facilitates mentorship to students from alumni and industry experts. In addition, to enrich students’ technical expertise, L&D team also organizes domain specific workshops.


Activities of Learning and Development team start from the orientation of new batch. During the orientation students are introduced to the academic calendar and developmental activities planned for them throughout their journey at IIMU. These activities include,

  • Preparation Rigour
    • Students are introduced to their preparatory road map and the rigour to achieve their goals of joining a premiere business school in the orientation itself, which in turn gives students an opportunity to analyse the effort needed in the journey.
  • Communication Skill Development
    • Learning and Development team is involved in development of communication skills of the students to be better prepared for the corporate world. It is carried out in the form of sessions and workshops.
  • Personal Interview Preparation
    • Practice interviews give students an opportunity to test skills in presenting their profiles, preparing for the roles they want to get in after graduating and learning common mistakes to avoid during final interviews.
    • Students are linked to industry experts based on the preferred roles and industry they choose to get into. This gives students a platform to practice and give their best during the campus recruitment process.
  • CV Writing Workshops
    • CV plays a critical role for interviewers in identifying the required key skills in an applicant. CV Writing workshops are conducted with the industry experts to help students create a CV which best represents their skills, relevant experience and accomplishments.
  • Group Discussion Preparation
    • Practice Group Discussions are conducted to focus mainly on preparing students on current affairs and participating confidently in a discussion on a given topic. These activities are aimed to teach students the right approach and during a group discussion under the guidance of an expert panel moderator.
  • Champion Program
    • This initiative is focussed mainly on building a relationship between the student communities at the Institute. This initiative is aimed on the maxim that ‘experience sharing is the best learning mechanism’.
    • In this program, Champions who are selected second year students who are experts in their domain take up the responsibility to mentor first year students for their summer placements. Champions are mapped to a set of students, who track their progress in terms of CV preparation, group discussion and practice interview performance.
  • Domain Specific Workshops
    • These workshops are organized to help students in building sought-after skills in the domain of their preference. These workshops are conducted in collaboration with functional clubs at the Institute and by utilizing alumni network to provide students with relevant knowledge of the domain.
  • Upskilling Workshops

    These workshops are conducted before summer placements to train students for the in-demand industry skills. These include,

    • Workshops for skill development in Microsoft Excel (for efficiently managing and presenting data) and Microsoft Power Point (for improving presentation skills).
    • Email writing workshop is conducted to understand the importance of corporate and interpersonal communication norms.
    • Problem solving and Project Management workshops are conducted to give students an exposure of real time case solving and simulation activities to manage projects.
Placement Preparation Committee

Placement Preparation Committee is a student body elected by the batch for responsibly overseeing the preparation of the student community. The committee works closely with Learning and Development team in organizing activities and workshops according to the academic calendar of the batches.


For Learning and Development related queries, you can write to learning@iimu.ac.in