Ten Ways to be Productive During MBA


November 26, 2020

Productivity is an essential ingredient that almost every MBA student needs to taste a delicious recipe called success. But, it is challenging for students to embrace productivity amidst their busy and tight schedules of attending lectures one after the other. In the light of the pandemic, all the business schools have had to react promptly to the virus. The practice of ‘social distancing’, missing out on the traditional experiences of teaching, and the switch from everyday life to staying indoor can be quite disturbing. In the current times, the core issue for students studying via distance learning is keeping their productivity high. Check out the infographic below to unleash the ways of being productive during your MBA.



Remaining upbeat and productive during your MBA journey amidst the pandemic can be a continuous spiral of negativity. Furthermore, the absence of support and positive energy that you receive from daily interactions from your batchmates can take some pleasure out of your MBA journey. Read on to find out the ten most productive things you can do during your MBA to stay happy and mentally healthy.

Create a Workspace

  • Don’t study in bed
  • Create a study-friendly workspace
  • Equip the place with proper set-up, pen and notebook all the time

Plan your Routine

  • Have a healthy work-life routine
  • Set an early alarm and create a to-do list every day
  • Use your morning to focus, read the news, meditate and workout

Manage your Emails like a Pro

  • Create labels like “Important” and “To-do”
  • Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails
  • Deal with all incoming emails in one of four ways – delete, archive, reply or save for later

Take Breaks

  • Schedule some set productive breaks here and there
  • Grab lunch or snack, go for a quick walk or meditate
  • Read books, articles, magazines, journals at the library (or e-library)

Learn Basic Designing Skills

  • Learn some necessary designing skills on PowerPoint
  • Create dynamic and visually compelling presentations
  • Learn Canva to create content for web and print

Socialize with People

  • Talk to your seniors and b-school peers timely (either through video or phone call once a week)
  • Be a member of any student committee or club
  • Blog about your life at IIM Udaipur

Set Self-imposed Deadlines

  • Break your tasks and projects into milestones
  • Follow your study routine
  • Be active and manage your time

Prioritize Your Tasks and Time

  • Write out the most crucial task for the day
  • Prioritize tasks by adding a number to your “To-do” list
  • Allocate time to each task

Be Proactive

  • Volunteer to be an organized during an event
  • Make notes on a laptop during lectures to speed-up your typing
  • Identify your interests to get through good planning to be more productive

Give Up the Illusion of Perfection

  • Indulge in sustainability
  • Showcase your talents
  • Sometimes a “Good enough is good enough”