Trends in Global Supply Chain Management


September 17, 2019

Trends in Global Supply Chain Management

The trends in Global Supply Chain Management have undergone a substantial change by the innovations in supply chain operations and increased demand from customers. Digital technologies are becoming more popular in the basic trends of global supply chain management that will result in the need to change and revise the supply chain strategy in both domestic and international markets. Similar to this, the trends in Global Supply Chain Management have influenced the operations of many companies.

Current Trends in Global Supply Chain Management

  • Supply chains around the world are being modified. External constraints, innovations and new technology, and internal advancements are persuading companies to recreate their network to determine how their supply chain should be developed, both in terms of capacity and capabilities. A good first step is to consider the broader perspective of the current trends in Global Supply Chain Management. These emerging global supply chain trends can be grouped as Upcoming technologies, Focus on the supply chain, Sharing economy and Evolving customer channels.
  • Current trends in Global Supply Chain Management focus on sustainable practices, reducing waste, and improving efficiency throughout the entire supply chain. As a result, current trends in global supply chain management are reaching the point of having a defined standard process created. This will help encourage the effective and efficient deployment of new systems and services while helping to curb the existing skill gap. These global supply chain trends will help to refocus the efforts to perfect order metrics and leverage marketing capabilities and capacities to their fullest potential. To train these professionals in the global supply chain management IIM Udaipur have launched and introduced their new course as supply chain MBA or MBA in supply chain management. Earlier this MBA in global supply chain management was a part of their PGPX program which is now renamed as One-Year MBA in Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) to keep their professionals at par with the global supply chain trends.

Global Supply Chain Management MBA

  • At IIM Udaipur, we strive to ensure that innovation and excellence are part of everything we do. With the ever-increasing need for business managers who can manage complex global supply chain trends spanning around the world, effective supply chain management is considered to provide an essential competitive advantage. Realizing this, IIM Udaipur started the one year MBA in Global Supply Chain Management.It was formerly known as the PGPX program of IIMU. A 12-months full-time MBA program is for experienced professionals focused on Supply Chain Management. With the objective of developing the business leaders of tomorrow, IIM Udaipur offers a one-year full-time MBA program in Global Supply Chain Management where the Institute is seeking candidates with more than three years of experience.
  • This unique program lays the core strengths of Operations, Supply Chain Management, and Business Analytics. This program equips professionals with the skills to deal with complex supply chains spanning in India with an intense focus on Global Supply Chain Trends or an option with a full semester at Purdue University to gain a Global Supply Chain perspective. IIM Udaipur’s MBA in Global Supply Chain Management demands equal academic rigor and uses the same grading criteria as a two year MBA. It is uniquely conceived to ensure professionals acquire the business tools, global mindset, and interpersonal skills to pursue their careers. Applications for the batch of 2020-21 are now open.