Five Key Characteristics of Digital Enterprise Leadership


April 8, 2021

Businesses are changing rapidly before our eyes as the digital transformation is taking place within organizations. If you can’t adapt to this changing environment, you might become extinct irrespective of your market position. It can go even further than that. Today’s leaders are marked differently by their predecessors. Being competitive, leaders select companies based on their on-the-job experience, which will add value to their skill set. These change-agile leaders are the forward thinkers who believe the future is the most important above all. The majority of these leaders select the organizations to enhance their strength of “Digital Leaders” using digital tools. What characterizes effective Digital Enterprise Leadership? Let’s find out with the infographic mentioned below.



Digital business transformation is built around organizational elements like technology, processes and policies. What gets very little attention is the characteristic of effective digital enterprise leadership. Uncertain events like the current global pandemic disrupt not only businesses but also digital leadership. Digital transformation demands digital business leaders who can anticipate threats and opportunities in compliance with the changing conditions. According to Randstad research, the characteristics that define effective digital enterprise leadership can be defined as,

Digital leaders have the ability to,

  • Keep people connected and engaged
  • Bring visionary ideas and a fresh mindset to the table
  • Unite their company with a bold, clear vision and path

87% of organizations think digital transformation is a competitive opportunity

Digital leaders are usually the fearlessly curious cats in the digital world.

  • Empathize with needs and produce innovative solutions for customer pain
  • Embrace digital tools to understand and appreciate technology
  • Experiment with proof of concepts

Uber currently has 47 million riders worldwide

Digital leaders are increasingly adopting more team-centric and knowledge-sharing models.

  • Implement internal communication processes
  • Encourages cross-departmental sharing of information
  • Ideas to foster a collaborative and open environment

Organizations are developing a more contemporary, entrepreneurial and forward-looking business culture

Digital leaders excel in innovation, exuding creative thinking to turn the vision into reality.

  • Embraces an open mind and encourages creativity
  • Provide cutting-edge alternatives to outdated programs and legacy systems
  • Comfortable managing ambiguity and uncertainty

Digital leaders should be enthusiastic about digitalization and must be contagious!

Digital leaders can make swift strategic-impact decisions within organizations.

  • Inspire employees to make bold and creative decisions
  • Create a flexible schedule to embrace creativity and energies
  • They don’t fear failures

A successful digital leader will always experiment, innovate and inspire.

Digital leaders are well-versed with the latest technology and incorporate it into their current strategy efficiently. Fulfil your digital ambitions by enrolling with our One Year MBA in Digital Enterprise Management







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