Five Reasons to Select Digital Enterprise Management for your Better Future

Deepesh Bhowmik

July 29, 2020

Technology is industry agnostic. It is everywhere, and one might as well prepare for it.

When someone is asked about the companies that rule this era, all answers point to the same five companies, i.e., the FAANG companies. It is an acronym for the mighty American technology companies viz Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google. And anyone who names these firms won’t be wrong. They do rule the world. However, what about the remaining companies that are from the “old world”, such as Walmart, Coca Cola, etc. There are so many behemoths operating from the last 50 years. Yet the world is ruled by the companies that were formed in the 80s and some in the 90s. One of the reasons for this is the exponential growth that technology has seen in the last 20 to 30 years. The capacity of the technology firms, apart from the FAANG companies, have increased substantially, and the impact they have created. All traditional “old world” companies want to emulate these and want to become “digital”, so to say. And, the centre of this is the process of Digital Transformation.

George Westerman of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology defined digital transformation as “The use of digital technology to improve the performance and reach of a company radically.” It is something that many managers or aspiring managers have to understand, i.e. how they can transform their company. “Transform” is the keyword. “Digital” is only a means of achieving it. That is why a digital business course would benefit anyone taking it and prepare them for the future.

IIM Udaipur’s Digital Enterprise Management program focuses on emerging technologies and their impact on business processes. Industry experts considered digital transformation as inevitable, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated its adoption. The industry needed a digital business course, and that is where IIM Udaipur realized there was a gap that needed to be filled. Hence, the result is the launch of a first-ever One-Year MBA in Digital Enterprise Management program. Below discussed are the five reasons why you should consider taking the program:

Learn to Navigate Unpredictability

Part of a manager’s work profile is to navigate unpredictability. In many companies, this unpredictability comes from their need to survive. The Digital Enterprise Management course would provide a manager with the skill-set to do just that, as going digital, and improving the processes is the only way for a business to survive.

Work on the Foundation

The foundation of any business still lies upon the traditional business subjects like economics, finance etc. The digital business course would help anyone who wants to apply these concepts in the context of traditional and modern digital businesses.

Get Exposed to Digital Transformation

The Digital Enterprise Management emphasizes on emerging technologies that have enabled the transformation processes. It is not just a business course; it is a digital business course that would allow a student to understand the concepts of Analytics, Cloud, AI and Big Data in the context of business management.

Prepare for the Future

Becoming future-ready must be one of the primary goals of a working professional. The digital business course will add a new perspective on how things work and how these modern technologies can be used to create value for customers. And when businesses create value for customers, they create value for themselves.

Understand the Implication of Technology

Technology is cool. Understanding the implication of technology in the context of business is cooler. To summarize, the post-pandemic world will need business professionals that understand technology, as well as the engineers and the coders of the world, do. Technology is industry agnostic. It is everywhere, and one might as well prepare for it. The Digital Enterprise Management program at IIM Udaipur aims to deliver that.

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Deepesh is an MBA student of the Digital Enterprise Management batch. He has an experience of 6 years in the IT Industry. He aspires to be a Product Manager. He is a music enthusiast and plays the guitar. In his spare time, he likes to write and read fiction, and follows a lot of different sports. You can connect with him on LinkedIn

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