Things to know before you decide to be an Executive MBA Student


September 17, 2019

Executive MBA Students

  • An Executive Master of Business Administration (Executive MBA), is either a two-year or a one-year program, but it’s aimed at business executives with more than two to three years of managerial experience. In part-time programs, executive MBA students keep their full-time jobs and typically attend classes on Fridays and weekends. There are also full-time Executive MBA programs.
  • Executive MBA education programs at leading B-schools are gaining ground among recruiters. Many new recruiters turned up for MBA candidate placements offering better roles and responsibilities. The one-year Executive MBA program is slowly gaining popularity in India as the alumni network becomes stronger and industry awareness about the program has increased. Various companies are now showing a greater interest in placing IIM Executive MBA students.

Things to know before you decide to be an Executive MBA Student

Executive MBA students are on the rise. There are many factors you will be considered when creating a shortlist, and a lot of advice will be given to you on how to make the right choice. It can get very confusing at times. So if you’re stuck with a long list of programs and are struggling to shortlist them, here are a few things you should consider before you decide to be an Executive MBA student.

Is Executive MBA the Right Degree for Me:

your higher education is what you would like to do. Being an Executive MBA candidate is an excellent study option. It could be the best thing for you in terms of learning style, course content and time.

Schedule of your Executive MBA Program:

The schedule is an important consideration while choosing for an Executive MBA. The right schedule is the one that comforts your current job and personal life, in case you don’t want to quit your job.

Business School Selection:

It is important to look at the big picture to find a business school that is offering a mix of professors, good course content, off-site learning, and participatory activities to be the best MBA candidate.

Course Content and Faculty:

Your teachers and instructors should have excellent credentials and experience in their respective fields, so you can be sure you will be learning from the best. You should also be looking for a program that is constantly modifying the curriculum to keep up with new trends in the business world.

Diversity and International Exposure on Offer:

  • You will get the opportunity to meet students from diverse backgrounds and gain international exposure. It will help you extend your professional network and help understand global trends and their application in local businesses.
  • Trained MBA candidates need to acquire a range of crucial skills to succeed professionally. It is important that the IIM MBA Colleges offers MBA Graduate programs which should include communication skills, analytical skills, integrating across business disciplines, team dynamics, critical thinking, ethical responsibility, understanding how to manage multicultural teams and a host of other skills. This must be coupled with a thorough knowledge of scientific management practices that will guide daily decision-making and they must be aware of the various management domains and their application. IIM courses are selected with the understanding that the curriculum will play an essential part in the MBA candidate’s life in achieving these goals.

IIM MBA College / MBA Graduate Program

At IIM Udaipur, we strive to ensure that innovation and excellence are part of everything we do. IIM Udaipur also offers a one-year full-time MBA program in Global Supply Chain Management and Digital Enterprise Management where the Institute is seeking candidates with more than three years of experience. Both these programs are uniquely conceived to ensure professionals acquire the business tools, global mindset, and interpersonal skills to pursue their careers. Applications are open for both these programs.