Ten Valuable Tips for GMAT Exam Preparation


October 11, 2019

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) exam is the most trusted, proven and best practice for you to be a prospective graduate student. GMAT Preparation is a journey of evaluating skills that a person requires in the field of Business and Management sector. To have a good GMAT score one needs to work hard with strategic planning and persistent practice. This article will help the GMAT aspirants by sharing some useful GMAT preparation tips for both beginners as well as the existing aspirants cracking the GMAT test.

  1. The most important GMAT preparation tip is the ‘Importance of Communication Skills’. To communicate in the business world via emails, press release, business letters etc. you need to develop your communication skills on various subjects.
  2. Another GMAT preparation tips include ‘Solving Data Interpretation Statements’ where you need to choose which statement justify the question.
  3. Having a good hold on ‘Statistics and Economics’ help in understanding and interpreting the content of the exam.
  4. Practice on ‘Simulated Computer-Adaptive GMAT Practice Tests’ for a better practical approach.
  5. Another important GMAT preparation tip is to ‘Think Conceptually and Take Advantage of Online Study Resources.’
  6. ‘Practice with Warm-up Questions 30 minutes Before the Exam and Answer the Questions Methodically.’ This GMAT preparation tip for beginners usually helps them in later sessions to crack GMAT.
  7. Another GMAT preparation tip for beginners is to ‘Stay Optimistic and Stay positive.’ To improve your problem-solving capabilities and cognitive responses you need to stay positive.
  8. Analyze your strong and weak areas to crack GMAT. This GMAT preparation tips for beginners help them plan their preparation accordingly.
  9. Practice as many sample papers as you can. As this might benefit the aspiring candidates as in knowing the type of questions that might come in the examination and how to tackle them.
  10. Yet another most important GMAT preparation tips for beginners and existing aspirants is ‘Time Management’. As practising sample papers will make you learn how to manage time in the examination and how to attempt questions in a limited period of time.

Best way to prepare for GMAT

Before starting to proceed for GMAT Preparation, one must gather all the necessary available resources for better results. Below mentioned are the practices which may help in the best way to prepare for GMAT as:

  1. Start your GMAT preparation at least six months before the actual exam date.
  2. Review basic mathematics skills. Focus more on concepts and logics.
  3. Practice sample papers as it helps in effective time management in the GMAT exam.
  4. Review the types of questions in Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning.
  5. Expand your preparation with more sample papers.

Above mentioned practices may help in the best way to prepare for GMAT to score a good number.

GMAT Verbal and Exam Preparation Tips

Alike any standardized test, there are some key and simple GMAT verbal and exam preparation tips which if implemented in the right way may help to improve overall performance on the GMAT. The GMAT exam preparation tips recommend investing lots of time in preparing for the GMAT. While there’s no substitute for good studying, you can try out the quick and easy strategies to maximize your performance right away. GMAT verbal preparation tips suggest choosing the shortest of the answer choices in case of sentence correction. The GMAT verbal preparation tips also suggest to read the passage first and not the question. To answer the critical thinking question, read the question first and then the argument. Another one of the important GMAT exam preparation tips is to look at all the answer choices before solving the question.

IIMU Two-Year MBA Program / One-Year MBA

The flagship two year MBA graduate program lasts over six terms with a compulsory Internship at the end of the 1st year. The IIM Two Year MBA include communication skills, analytical skills, understanding how to manage multicultural teams and a host of other skills.

IIM Udaipur started the One year MBA in Global Supply Chain Management. It is a 12-months full-time MBA program is for experienced professionals focused on Supply Chain Management. With the objective of developing the business leaders of tomorrow, the Institute is seeking candidates with more than three years of experience. It requires a valid GMAT / GRE score for admissions.

Another program of IIMU is the first-ever one year MBA program in Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) which introduces candidates with work experience to management concepts and leadership styles in the emerging digital business enterprises. One year MBA DEM provides students with a solid foundation in management fundamentals and also exposes them to contemporary practices of data-driven decision making. It also requires a valid GMAT / GRE score for admissions.