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Research Papers


Research Papers

Samorani, Michele. and Ganguly, Subhamoy. (2016), "Optimal Sequencing of Unpunctual Patients in High-Service-Level Clinics". Production and Operations Management, 25: 330–346.

Product line design and positioning using add-on services. Omkar D. Palsule-Desai, Devanath Tirupati, Janat Shah,International Journal of Production Economics, Volume 163, 16–33, 2015. Impact Factor- (2.752)

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Emergency department staff planning to improve patient care and reduce costs. Subhamoy Ganguly, Stephen Lawrence, Mark Prather. Decision Sciences, Volume 45 (1):115-145,2014. Impact Factor- (1.347)

A rule of thumb for testing symmetry about an unknown median against a log right tail. Amitava Mukherjee, A.M. Abd-Elfattah, Barendra Pukait. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, Volume 84 (10): 2138-2155,2014.Impact Factor- (0.635)

Rural Consumer Behavior and Strategic Marketing Innovations: An Exploratory Study in Eastern India. Saurabh Bhattacharya, Subhadip Roy. Indian Journal of Marketing, Volume 44(2): 15-25,2014. Impact Factor- (1.1023)

Owner or endorser? Investigating the effectiveness of celebrity owners of sports teams as endorsers. Subhadip Roy,Anita Pansari. International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship. Volume 15 (2): 89-106,2014.

EM-based Likelihood Inference for Some Lifetime Distributions Based on Left Truncated and Right Censored Data and Associated Model Discrimination. N Balakrishnan, Debanjan Mitra. South African Statistical Journal. Volume 48 (2): 125-171, 2014. Impact Factor- (0.071)

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Sequential unreliable newsboy ordering policies. Divya Tiwari, Rahul Patil, Janat Shah. Annals of Operations Research.Volume 233(1) 449-463,2014. Impact Factor- (1.217)

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The five factor model of personality and knowledge transfer in the United Arab Emirates. Michael B. Harari, Naveen Kumar Jain, Thomas Joseph. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, Volume 22(4), 399-410, 2014. Impact Factor- (0.814)

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