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Research Papers


Research Papers


Uday Damodaran – "Ambiguity attitudes and myopic loss aversion: Experimental evidence using carnival games"

Ankur Kapoor – "The Impact of Time-Keeping Direction on Compensatory Consumption: The Role of Perceived Resource Deficiency"

Prateek Sharma – “What’s in a name? A lot if it has "blockchain"

Ranojoy Basu – "A measure of authorship by publications"

Anirban Adhikary – "Is it too complex? The curious case of supply network complexity and focal firm innovation"

Dhirendra Mani Shukla – "Valuation effects of alliance portfolio expansion speed and strength: Evidence from high-tech firms"

Tushar Agarwal – "Food Subsidy in Cash or Kind? The Wrong Debate"

Debanjan Mitra and Ujjwal Das – "Interval censored competing risks data analysis under missing causes"

Samarpan Nawn – "Do the limit orders of proprietary and agency algorithmic traders discover or obscure security prices?"

Manab Bose - "Organizing Reflexivity: The Case of Coaching in Management Education Workshop"

Anirban Adhikary - "Understanding the structural characteristics of a firm's whole buyer-supplier network and its impact on international business performance"

Anirban Adhikary - "Investigating the impact of workforce racial diversity on the organizational corporate social responsibility performance: An institutional logics perspective"

Arundhati Bhattacharyya - "Consumer resilience and subservience in technology consumption by the poor"

Janat Shah - "Product greening and pricing strategies of firms under green sensitive consumer demand and environmental regulations"

Janat Shah - "Contextualisation of the complexity in the selection of developing country outsourcees by developed country outsourcers"

Neeti Sanan - "Influence of board characteristics on CSR: A study of Indian firms"

Nidhi Aggarwal - "When stock futures dominate price discovery"

Prateek Sharma - "Improving portfolio diversification: Identifying the right baskets for putting your eggs"

Rezina Sultana - "The incentive and efficiency effects of affirmative action: does envy matter?"

Samarpan Nawn - "Do Proprietary Algorithmic Traders Withdraw Liquidity during Market Stress?"

Satyam Mukherjee - "International Research Collaboration: Novelty, Conventionality, and Atypicality in Knowledge Recombination"

Satyam Mukherjee - "Prior Shared Success Predicts Victory in Team Competitions"

Satyam Mukherjee - "Network organization of coopetitive genetic influences on morphologies of human cerebral cortex"

Saurabh Gupta - "Is Africa ready to develop a competitive bioeconomy? The case of the cassava value web in Ghana"

Saurabh Gupta - "Analysis of maize biomass use in Ethiopia and its implications for food security and the bioeconomy"

Saurabh Gupta - "Making Contract Farming Arrangements Work in Africa’s Bioeconomy: Evidence from Cassava Outgrower Schemes in Ghana"

Shobhit Aggarwal - "Do stock markets witness instantaneous reactions to changes in dividend tax laws? : evidence from india"

Shobhit Aggarwal - "How important is applicants’ perception about job relatedness of selection process"

Tarun Jain - "Hybrid Cloud Computing Investment Strategies"

Sumit Kumar - "Option Implied Risk- Neutral Density Estimation: A Robust and Flexible Method"

Ujjwal Das - "Inference on zero inflated ordinal models with semiparametric link"

Kunal Kamal Kumar - "Linking loneliness to depression: a dynamic perspective"

Debanjan Mitra - "Statistical inference based on left truncated and interval censored data from log-location-scale family of distributions"

Tarun Jain - "Strategic Sourcing Under Supplier Development Investments"

Tarun Jain - "Sourcing under overconfident buyer and suppliers"

Tarun Jain - "Supplier selection under production learning and process improvements"


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