Infrastructure And Facilities


Infrastructure And Facilities


On IIMU’s permanent campus at Balicha, students benefit from newly-built, ergonomically designed A/C teaching spaces with a variety of layouts and capacities as well as multiple conference rooms and meeting spaces. Each classroom is equipped with fixed projectors and high-end sound systems and there are video conferencing facilities with swivel cameras in all classrooms and conference rooms. The classrooms are acoustically engineered and are equipped with goose-neck mikes, lapel mikes and cordless mikes. Power sources are located at each desk.

IT Resources

IIMU's information technology infrastructure is among the best at any B-school in India. The internet connection is 1Gbps with a back-up of 100 Mbps. All areas of the campus have secure access to WiFi on a 24/7 basis. The system is constantly monitored to ensure uploading and downloading sufficiency. Email is Google-based with access to all Google apps and features. Local printing facilities are available in all student residences. The IT Services team provides comprehensive IT support.